The Experimental Pop Band
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The Experimental Pop Band - Tarmac & Flames (26/01/04 Cooking Vinyl).

The Experimental Pop Band
Tarmac & Flames
(26/01/04 Cooking Vinyl).

The down to earth Davey Woodhead of The Experimental Pop Band has been writing music for years and is the epitome of the work ethic that is what makes the Indie scene special. This bold venture sees Ladytron style electronica, typical mournful Monday morning Indie and Mick Skinneresque white rap are thrown into the brew to create an interesting broth. The subject matter of the songs tends to be commentaries on societies underbelly regardless of the genre TEPB are adopting. ‘Crow

Music - The Experimental Pop Band - Tarmac & Flames (26/01/04 Cooking Vinyl).

Ventura’ a The Streets tribute song is a great example of this, a narrative of a luckless youth who suffers more abuse than alcohol on a Friday night. ‘Can’t Stand It’ takes a bitter walk down the well trodden path of one night stands in one of the electronica based offerings. The experiment intriguingly extends to adopting a 13 era Blur sound in ‘Gothenburg’.

The most impressive thing about this album is the authenticity of it, as Davey Woodhead is more qualified that a lot of musicians who comment on the mundane nature of life in slow lane because he still does the boring low life jobs. The characters and situations portrayed through experimental medium could be happening anywhere in this country. An album full of life loathing lyrics is usually very hard to take, but when it comes with such variety it makes it all the more compelling.

David Adair