Sugababes, Easy, Video

Sugababes - Easy - Video
Sugababes - Easy - Video

Easy, sounds like a Sugababes typical - low-slung, sexy verses, an un-second guessable blast of pure pop for a chorus, and a brilliantly eccentric scream from Keisha as the song hurtles into the final furlong. It's at once smart, sexy and danceable, packed with hooks and undeniably fun.

Watch the video for Sugababes new single "Easy" here

"We were trying to think of the right way to launch our greatest hits, and we knew the song had to be something really special," Keisha explains. "When we started working with the guys from Orson the sound just blew us away - it's completely fresh sounding but at the same time has the same qualities as the biggest songs of our career, so it's perfect for this album!" Adds Heidi: "We're fans of our own music and we hate to repeat ourselves, so as soon as we heard the track we loved it and knew it had to be the single to launch the Singles Collection."

Unusually in today's pop climate, the hits strewn across 'Overloaded' only tell half the band's story. As well as turning in contemporary pop classic after contemporary pop classic, the band are a brilliant proposition off record, too - a credible, believable and dependable unit, with a well-earned reputation as one of the country's best live acts, justified by everything from sets at Live 8 and Glastonbury to support slots with the likes of Take That, as well, of course, as their very own sold out headline tours.

"The album really tells a story," Keisha explains, "because the band has been our life for so long. In 'Overload' one of the lyrics is about skipping school. We were in the band when we were at school! That seems a long time ago now."

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