Sugababes - Three - Album Review

Sugababes - Three
Sugababes - Three - Album Review


It’s hard to know what to make of this album, whilst it may not be the typical girl band rubbish, it’s still rather polished despite the bags of attitude that the girls clearly display. Not all the songs are like current single, ‘Hole in the Head’, that is dancefloor fillers. Of course there are definitely some instant winners, ‘In the Middle’ and’ Twisted’ being two of them. ‘In the Middle’ is even about being on a night out and finding a man. On the other hand, ‘Sometimes’ is a slow, jazzy, soulful ballad

Sugababes - Three - Album Review

that does get a bit bland but is recovered by the bluesy undercurrent. ‘Caught in a Moment’ is promising, also soulful hovering between melancholy and hopeful-ness. There’s something missing though, it’s just hard to know what.

Then there’s the tracks that fall in between those two extremes. These tend to be quite dark and brooding with patches of light coming through; both ‘We Could Have it All’ and ‘Situation’s Heavy’ are about lessons learnt and how they deal with things. Million Different Ways starts to seem like typical R&B then the chorus kicks in, and it’s actually not bad. Echoes of All Saint’s ‘Pure Shores’ on ‘Caught in a Moment’ and ‘Conversation’s Over’. The strangest moment is the last song, ‘Maya’, which is about a person (real or not it’s hard to tell) and is the only other truly upbeat song on the album (apart from ‘Whatever Makes You Happy’).

It’s not a bad album, it’s just not a great album. Jury’s out on this one, I think.

Natasha Perry

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