The Stone Roses
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The Stone Roses - DVD Release on 28th June - Watch original Fools Gold video

The Stone Roses DVD Released 28th June on Jive Records
(Catalogue Number 82876621079)

This brand new 2-disc release from Jive records is the first ever Stone Roses DVD, showcasing one of the most popular and influential bands of the late 80s/ 90s. This is a very special release full of classic videos, legendary performances and rare and exclusive behind the scenes footage. The first disc contains 6 promotional videos of all the Stone Roses’ biggest hits, including ‘Fools Gold’ (UK number 8, November 1989), ‘One Love’ (UK number 4, July 1990) and ‘Elephant Stone’ (UK Number 8, March 1990). A real bonus for all fans of the ‘Roses is the hour-long live recording of their Blackpool gig from 1989. This first disc of rare concert footage and classic videos features 5.1 sound and restored audio and has never before been available to buy on DVD.

The Stone Roses - DVD Release on 28th June - Watch original Fools Gold video

The second disc in this release is a real treat for all fans of the Stone Roses. There are 7 classic television performances by the band including their infamous live debut, on ‘The Late Show’ when a studio power cut kills their sound in the middle of “Made Of Stone.” The presenter’s discomfort, compounded by Ian Brown’s heckles of “amateurs,” is priceless. There is also a Top Of The Pops performance of “Fools Gold” and two live performances at the legendary Manchester club, the Hacienda. There is a full feature taken from Rapido’s archives, an exclusive and excruciating 20 minute interview with a monosyllabic John Squires and a defensive Ian Brown and, most interesting of all, rare and exclusive behind the scenes footage of the band relaxing and fooling around during breaks from recording their eponymous debut album in 1989.

Track Listing Disc

DVD 1 features 5.1 sound and restored audio
Blackpool Live (58 Mins)

1) I Wanna Be Adored 7) Where Angels Play
2) Elephant Stone 8) Shoot You Down
3) Waterfall 9) Going Down
4) Sugar Spun Sister 10) Mersey Paradise
5) Made of Stone 11) I am The Resurection
6) She Bangs The Drum

1) Waterfall 4) One Love
2) Fools Gold 5) She Bangs The Drum
3) I Wanna Be Adored 6) Standing There

DVD 2 - TV Performances
1) The Late Show - "Made of Stone"
2) Top of the Pops - "Fools Gold"
3) Other Side of Midnight "Waterfall"
4) Music Box "Elephant Stone"
5) Hit Studio International - "One Love"
6) SNUB TV - "I Wanna Be Adored" (Live at The Hacienda)
7) SNUB TV - "Sugar Spun Sister" (Live at The Hacienda)

1) Rapido "feature on Stone Roses"
2) Ian Brown & John Squire Interview
3) Behind The Scenes Home Video

The Stone Roses - Watch original Fools Gold video
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1. Original Fools Gold video