STAIND: Price To Play. Released 15/09/2003 Flip Records

STAIND: Price To Play
STAIND: Price To Play. Released 15/09/2003 Flip Records.

Price To Play
Released 15/09/2003
Flip Records.

The often forgotten about exponents of nu metal are back and front man Aaron Lewis is still singing as though he is in pain, plus Fred Durst is still tagging along, but that’s the bad news out of the way. The good news is that the heartfelt sincerity prevalent in the last album ‘Break The Cycle’ is still exists their latest offering taken from their ’14 SHADES OF GRAY’ album.

‘Price To Play’ is certainly heavier than past efforts and will not appeal to those who got into STAIND because they liked ‘Outside’ or ‘EPIPHANY. Thumping drum beats and abrasive System Of A Down meets KoRn style guitars kick the song off before the Aaron’s sincere vocals take over, as he takes a swipe at the game of life:

Music - STAIND: Price To Play. Released 15/09/2003 Flip Records.
Music - STAIND: Price To Play. Released 15/09/2003 Flip Records.
Music - STAIND: Price To Play. Released 15/09/2003 Flip Records.

“The more you hurt, the more you strain.
The price you pay to play the game.”

The tender side to the band comes out in the mournful B-side about feelings of emptiness and is instrumentally and thematically similar to previous release ‘Outside’, only Fred Durst does not join in on this one. This serves to make this an interesting and emotive track and makes you wonder if there was a cock up in the factory and they mixed the track order up. For the nostalgic Staind fans there is a live version of old track ‘Can’t Believe’ from MTV unplugged on the single. The single on the whole maybe classed is unspectacular, but there is always something about STAIND and their material to keep you interested.

David Adair


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