SohoDolls; Ribbed Music For The Numb Generation (Demo)

Two provocative party crashers of the feminine persuasion are set to dazzle, tease and sway the underground with their brand of Ladytron meets Replubica electro funk with a shade of cheeky The Rezillos new wave cheekiness. This tormenting five track teaser kicks off with a playful ode to the often overlooked young monarch Prince Harry', but not by Patricia X and Macy Y who reveal admiration and matrimonial intentions towards the young air in this intriguing keyboard fuelled opener.

The two luscious London lasses tackle more seedy topics than The Daily Star', but with far more dignity in this offering with 'Weekender' being a particular highlight. Crushes and temporary liaisons are emphatically denunciating, as you

sense there is a hint of seriousness to the prima facie fun loving pair. If Karen O catches wind of what this fresh new act is up to, then she will be shoving the French bread she uses at gigs in different directions than down her top in order to remain the music media's plaything.


The Soho dolls play brighton
at the pressure point sunday may 2nd with selfish cunt and special needs.

10/05/04 London Cargo ( Old Street ) on stage 9pm