Small Victories: Go BACK To Bed/One Day My Son..
Small Victories: Go BACK To Bed/One Day My Son..

Small Victories
Go BACK To Bed/One Day My Son..
Out on Boobytrap records 08/09/03

Have you ever pondered as to what things would have been like had Jeff Buckley taken a trip to Blackwood, and joined a few pissed off Welshman and fronted The Manic Street Preachers? Well, the wait is over as James Chant leads his ex Tommy And The Chauffer band mates into a vortex of political debate, with angry first track of this double AA sided offering: ‘Go Back to Bed America’. Perhaps this isn’t the best time of the year to label the American government control freaks and the public robots, but James seems angry and as though he just can’t wait to vent his fury. This is a typical Thom Yorke type anger, which is unforced and compelling.

Music - Small Victories: Go BACK To Bed/One Day My Son..

The slower acoustic based ‘One Day My Son…’ completes the latest offering, containing Dashboard Confessional like melancholy and poignancy. Mr.Chant, with due sincerity delivers lyrics that would win slogan of the year at any “Cynics R Us” annual gathering:

“If Jesus walks among us then he aint so hot,
cos I’d be outta here like a shot.”

With more scenes forming in the music industry these days, than in a Stanley Kubrick film, it is just what we need at the moment a band who has something to say and is determined to say it in their own way.

David Adair