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Slo-mo - Slo-mo - Album Review
A slow start in the Music industry has paid off well for Slo-mo. Now having released there album and received positive feedback from both 'The Face' and Kerrang magazine. The band consists of four members from Sheffield. It's nice to hear a recording that stands on it's own merits. Vocally it has alot of character and musically a vast range of expression. Each song seems to portray a very personal reference to its meaning. Clear, direct and open lyrics are held throughout the album. Perhaps not for the sun and Happy day's fans as generally the tempo is quite downbeat and real. It seems like a mixture of
Music - Slo-mo - Slo-mo - Album Review

rock reggae in places which works well on song 'The Goldfish and the Alligator. There is also some well played acoustics and etching keyboards. The highlight moment being the opening of 'Boy from the City' and beyond it certainly stands out as one of the finer tunes.. A great combination provides us with a really catchy track. Any long-term appeal for there music may be short lived as there is a saddened feel to most of the songs. But making there mark has been accepted to a high level. BBC radio 1 are also predicting that their moment ids fast approaching'. Good luck Slo-mo we will look forward to seeing you around.