Sega Soccer Slam Review

Sega Soccer Slam Review Sega Soccer Slam Review On Gamecube @
Sega Soccer Slam Review On Gamecube

Sega Soccer Slam is an out right arcade game featuring super human players, they do sliding tackles, they punch and kick their opponents to a pulp and throw themselves high into the air for stunning shots on goal. The field is much smaller than a real football field, but there are only three players per side plus the goalkeeper. This is not a football simulation like Pro Evolution Soccer, this is a real slugfest where only the strong will survive. Sega Soccer Slam is also a very fast game, it takes just 8 seconds to run the entire length of the field and you are never more than 10 seconds away from a potential goal.
Soccer Slam features six teams, which consist of both men and women and each team have their own theme. The small characters can run fast while the large characters are much tougher but pay the price when it comes to speed and agility. Each team also features a power bar, you will accrue points in your bar for stealing, kicking, punching, passing, shooting and scoring etc. When the bar is full you may power up the player you are controlling, this player will become super strong and very fast and depending on the team, the player will be on fire or look like he/she is oozing electricity etc.
Soccer Slam features all the usual shots and passes that a normal football game would have plus a few others such as protection, decks and one-timers. The specific shots take Sega Slam Soccer places that no other football game has been, killer kicks, power meter plays and spot light shots. Killer kicks are available when your power meter is full and executing a killer kick will result in points. If you chain a few killer kicks together in a similar way to THPS then the points will be multiplied. When making a killer kick the goalie will probably save the ball 9 times out of 10, but this doesn't matter because every time the goalie saves a very powerful shot it will knock off a piece of his armour which will make him tire. The more powerful the shot, the more the goalkeeper will tire. This works very well against the harder teams. A spot light shot is very similar to a killer kick, but it doesn't use your power meter. At random times throughout the game a spot light will appear and shine down from the sky. If you hit the shoot button while your player with the ball is in the spot light, he will flip the ball to himself and fire a powerful shot at goal.

Sega Soccer Slam Review On Gamecube @
Sega Soccer Slam Review On Gamecube @
Sega Soccer Slam Review On Gamecube @
Sega Soccer Slam Review On Gamecube @

Soccer Slam features exhibition, quick start, tournament, practice and quest modes. The practice mode guides you through a tutorial that teaches you the moves necessary to play and compete in the game. This is a 15 step process that instructs on everything from passing to spotlight kicks. The quest mode adds depth to the single player game. As you progress money is allocated to your account earned from your build up of victories. You can also get money through mini games between the matches, these mini games focus mainly on skill competitions.
In keeping with it's over the top theme, Sega Soccer Slam's graphics are highly stylised and have a comic book look to them. The characters designs are very well done and each player has plenty of personality as a result. Facial expressions and animation are also very good. There are some other subtle effects, as the game progresses the pitch becomes worn and torn up as players run over particular sections. Although the characters look good there are only three stadiums that are ok, but nothing like the effort that has one in to the characters has been spent here, although the un-lockable stadiums do look much better. Overall, graphically Sega Soccer Slam looks fantastic.

Soccer Slam's sound succeeds in providing the characters with additional personality. Each character has a unique theme and celebration after scoring a goal, Angus from the Volta team has a bagpipe theme while Dante from the same team has a distinctive Italian Operatic theme. Banter between players is also very well done and the commentators also do a very good job of relaying the onscreen action.

Soccer Slam is the first game that has successfully taken the football game into the same "action packed" fields other companies have done with Ice Hockey and Basketball, and got it just right. The controls are nice and simple and there is a good mixture of game play. The graphics are great technically and artistically while the sound does an excellent job of completing the experience. Sega Soccer Slam has created a benchmark by which all other games of this type will be judged; it is definitely worthy of your hard earned cash.

8.5 out of 10



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