SCREAMIN' RACHAEL - The Queen of House Drops EXTACY on Trax Records


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SCREAMIN' RACHAEL - The Queen of House Drops EXTACY on Trax Records
Screamin' Rachael Cain, The Queen of House, president of Trax Records, and the House Nation's #1 cheerleader will release her debut US album, Extacy on August 10. A musical autobiography, she takes us on an insider's musical tour of the wild international House scene with its over-the-top, pumping parties that have made Rachael and her Trax posse, the stuff of legends! The album was produced by respected Chicago House heavies Joe Smooth , (2004 Remixer of the Year Grammy winner) Maurice Joshua , Farley "Jackmaster" Funk , Gene Hunt , Jere McAllister and Chicago's hottest new mixer, Billy the Kid from B96 . The current single, "Don't Make Me Lonely" is on mixshows and in clubs now with a new single, "Please Don't Go" to be dropped by the time the album hits the shops.
If you don't know Rachael, you don't know jack. (Or should we say, "jacking"—the name for the sexy/nasty/freaky dance move that the "children" did until the wee hours on the dancefloors of the early Chicago house clubs like The Music Box and The Warehouse.) In the beginning there might have been House, and Jack may have had his groove, but running circles around them all was Screamin' Rachael.

Taking her name from her beloved Screamin' Jay Hawkins ("I wanted my name to have an attitude!"), Rachael is the woman the House Nation can thank for introducing house pioneers Vince Lawrence and Jesse Saunders to Trax founder, Larry Sherman . Larry had the pressing plant, they had the music, and the rest is house music history.

Screamin' Rachael is a Chicago girl to the bone and though she had a lively few years in New York City in the late 80's, early 90's, remains in Chicago where she is busy championing the city's sound (she even got the mayor to declare an official "House Music Day"), spreading the house gospel and connecting the worlds of house and hip-hop in ways that makes heads (and records) spin.

SCREAMIN' RACHAEL - The Queen of House Drops EXTACY on Trax Records

SCREAMIN' RACHAEL - The Queen of House Drops EXTACY on Trax Records
SCREAMIN' RACHAEL - The Queen of House Drops EXTACY on Trax Records
The first House Music artist to sign an US album deal (Streetwise, NYC), due to her underground hit, "My Main Man," Rachael moved to New York City in the late 80's to promote the album. Though the label went bust, the single was a smash and along with her considerable firepower, Rachael soon became a glittering presence on the Uptown and Downtown Manhattan clubs scene. She was particularly known as the hostess of a very successful star-studded weekly party at the posh Upper East Side club, Tatou where she also performed with her band and numerous guest singers. It was here that she met Prince Teddy Khedker, a Maharaja, who wanted to make her the next Madonna. However, after the prince (and his wife) were found strangled in their uptown digs, Rachael became a tabloid sensation as the "other woman" in a murder scandal. Savvy girl, she consoled herself by telling her story on "Real Thing (Ode to Prince Teddy" which was released on Eight Ball Records in early 1994 and through licensing, became a #1 hit in France . At the same time she dove headfirst into the psychotic nightlife netherworld of club kids and party monsters, speeding around town with good pal and, club kid ringmaster Michael Alig. (Rachael was featured in the documentary film, Party Monster which later became the feature film of the same name starring Mc Caughly Culkin.) The playground of Disco 2000 (Limelight), The Tunnel, Palladium and Red Zone tilted a bit too much and Rachael slid home to Chicago to once again embrace her House roots.

Happily at home with her house family, Rachael was soon partners with Trax Records owner Larry Sherman—as president—something of which she is very proud, as one of her idols is Sylvia Robinson, the president of the legendary Sugarhill Records (and the diva behind the 70's soul hit, "Pillow Talk"). Another legendary label is also often referenced, as Trax is known to many as "The Motown of House Music." Rachael continued to spread her house gospel taking the sound to Paris , where the label briefly had an office, before landing their current deal with Toronto 's Casablanca Media, the label behind this album as well as the previously released Trax Records: The 20 th Anniversary Collection , Trax Records: The Next Generation , Trax Records: Acid Classics , and Queer Trax . “So far, everyone has been extremely encouraging, say's Rachael, “The Anniversary Album and Next Generation have been getting great reviews! I put my heart and soul into Extacy, and I hope that fans will feel the love!”

Rachael's classic House singles include, among others, "Fun With Bad Boys," produced with Afrika Bambaataa, "Rock Me," with Marshall Jefferson and “Love You Tonight,” with Paul Johnson.

Rachael has studied voice (from opera to blues), dance (from ballet to jacking!)), and acting (at the prestigious Lee Strasburg Institute). Rachael has acted in films including Night Owl , starring John Leguizamo, Too Pure , and the De-Flowering , directed by Alyce Wittenstein. She hosted several shows, including, the award winning cable series Manhattan Lifestyles, and has made many television, and speaking appearances. You can read about Screamin' Rachael in books, such as The History Of House Music , The Last Party , Techno Style , and Clubland . Screamin' Rachael has been reviewed, and featured in numerous publications, including, Rolling Stone , Spin , The Chicago Tribune , and many more. Rachael Cain, is also a published music journalist, and has just finished writing a screenplay titled Gotta Have House based on her experiences.

EXTACY : TRACK BY TRACK by Screamin' Rachael

1 Please Don't Go

"This was delivered by Farley, after thealbum had been completed. There was a rainstorm in Chicago that day, and Farley was screaming into the intercom, that he had the final hit for the album. Larry was in a foul mood, and had no interest in hearing the track. After giving in to us, neither of whom he can ever deny, Larry was rendered speechless for five minutes. He then announced that 'Please Don't Go' was the best record he'd heard in 10 years!"

2 So Sexy (with Maurice Joshua)

" Maurice Joshua and I have been friends for a long time, but really hadn't collaborated since the Acid days. I said, How about a hit for your homegirl? Beyonce can't be the only one to have you! He smiled with that devilish Maurice grin, and said you're on, but I wanna' show a different side of Rachael, give you some soul! Byron Stingily is on the backgrounds, so it was definitely a family thing. My favorite part of making that recording was all the heads that popped into the studio, saying what's that? The house heads like Ron Carroll, Joe Smooth and Farley all wanted copies immediately! I love Hip Hop so when Wildstyle of Crucial Conflict & Jah-Rista couldn't get enough of it, I was soul(ed)!"

3 Do What You Wanna Do (with Joe Smooth)

"Joe Smooth is one of my favorite people, and as far as producers go we groove together! We don't always agree on things, and have had our little spats, but no matter what we always get back together to work. In some ways this song was the inspiration for the entire album! Joe and I have been together in this house thing for so long that, I think we are telepathic! I needed to do some soul-searching, especially at that time and Joe knew it, he just knows! The preaching that I did on the cut actually helped me find my own way."

4 Sister Sister

" My roots have always been alternative and I like things that are different. Mainly I love sounds! I love the studio, if I could I'd never leave, it! When it comes to sound, Van Christie from Die Warzau, is the man! I always loved the group (Jim is on the background vocals) too! The recording and textures are some of my very favorites. There is a lot of me in the song. The track is about the love between friends. Sometimes when you are in a relationship, for some reason, you can lose site of how you're being treated. I have been abused, and my best girl always pulled me out of it! She opened my eyes. Sometimes I have had to do the same for her. That's what friends are for, and that is what real love is about."

5 So In Love (with Jere McAllister)

"One of my favorite performers is Prince. While working in the studio, with Jere Mc Allister, I listened to the beautiful, haunting music he'd created, and suggested that it reminded me of 'Purple Rain.' from that moment on things just jelled."

6 Don't Make Me Lonely

"People are definitely going to say that I have separation anxiety, and maybe I do. After everything happened, with the Michael Alig and the New York scene, Prince Teddy, and the loss of my mentor last year, Dr. Richard Cook, I had so much left to say. I wanted to reach out to old friends like DJ Keoki, again, so I put that emotion into the song. After this was promoted to radio, I got such great letters from fans, about how much the song has touched them. My fans truly inspire me."

7 Voodoo (with Gene Hunt)

"I had written a song called 'Voodoo,' which was inspired by the classic movie 'Bell Book and Candle,' staring Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart. I played the song for Gene Hunt, and he suggested that we make it deep, and moody, 'a little something for the fellas, like Glen Underground, and the 3 Degrees posse,' to quote Gene."

8/12 Sweet

"When I write lyrics, I get my inspiration from the sound of the track. I love writing with DJ Fritz (Naked Soul and Black Mamba)! It was a beautiful summer day, and everything seemed sweet, just so sweet—and that was it!”

9 I Am Into U (with Joe Smooth)

"I was leaving for Midem and Joe Smooth said that he had a track for me. The sound was smooth, and soulful—Joe's trademark. The vocals were cut in about an hour's time, it flowed easily. The single was released with a limited run on vinyl only; it received favorable reviews, and went top ten on underground dance charts last year. DJ's like Darryl Awesome Owens and Felix the House Cat played it, so that's cool by me!

10 Addicted

"I really get into Debbie Harry, and when Vic Johnson brought me the track, her sound inspired me. At that same time, Christian Dior's new funky collection, and scent, were also my favorites, so I got in the booth, and let my sense memory work, (a Lee Strasburg technique), guide my performance."

11 Hello Kitty

“Van Christie wrote a smoking' track, kind of twisted pop, like Shonen Knife. Hello Kitty has always been an inspiration to me because of her peaceful loving nature. Let people call me crazy, but I believe that if we could all live in one house like Hello Kitty, things would be like heaven."

13 The Mega Mix (by Billy The Kid of B96)

" The mega mix special to me because it tells a lot of my story through my classics. I didn't want to just include them song by song, I wanted something artfully done, to capture the excitement, the Extacy! I've been blessed with the opportunity of working with some of the worlds best DJ's. I came up, during the golden days of House radio, when the Hot Mix 5 ruled in Chicago , and Grandwizzard Theodore and Jazzy Jay added funky scratching, to real Hip Hop! I heard Billy the Kid on B96, and felt that he was the DJ to bring the House sound to the next generation."

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