Gemma Hayes - "4.35am EP" Single Review

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4. Gemma Hayes 4.35am EP (12" - (Source))
Gemma Hayes is Irelands new singer/songwriter talent. She writes her own songs and plays the guitar and piano in the same female singer/songwriter way that so many others have done before her and so many after her will continue to do. Vocally she is maybe closer to the gentle rasp of Joni Mitchell than the throaty edge of Natalie Merchant and musically her songs are more akin to Suzanne Vegas traditional folk than Alanis Morissettes abstract rock. With this lady there are no surprises.
You know what youre going to get: pleasant, charmed, uncontroversial songs that pack no punches but do a good job of soothing your mind.
Gemma Hayes is nothing new and nothing groundbreaking shes simply sticking to a tradition that continues to please the endless many, a tradition that is destined to last as long as the humble guitar remains at the helm of our musical vocabulary.

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Gemma Hayes - 4.35am EP

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