RANCID - INDESTRUCTIBLE (Hellcat Records) - Album Review

RANCID: INDESTRUCTIBLE (Hellcat Records) - Album Review

(Hellcat Records)

“And I know I am indestructible,
and I know I am Indestructible tonight.”

These lyrics from the titled track, the first heard on this latest offering by the Californian punks, sum up the problem with modern music these days. Bands like Rancid are ‘Indestructible’ in the era of empty commercial punk. The same song also contains a rather flat tribute to one of the last honest and sincere punks:

“I’ll keep listening to the great Joe Strummer,
cos cool music you can live forever.”

Music - RANCID: INDESTRUCTIBLE (Hellcat Records) - Album Review

When will bands realise that cheesy lines in songs that mean nothing and badly sung The Clash tunes, are more of an insult than a tribute to Joe Strummer?

The frustrating thing about this latest offering by Lance Armstrong and company is that it is not possible to chuck the album into file 13 and label it complete trash, as the odd track is reminiscent of good old fashioned punk. ‘Red Hot Moon’ is an emotive Folk/punk number that is comparable to such classics like ‘Wasted Life’ by Stiff Little Fingers. The album is an uneasy mix of unconvincing attempts at hardcore like ‘Out Of Control’ and insincere forays into politics ‘Arrested In Shanghai’. The value for money argument is certainly there with 19 tracks on offer, but the album simply has an uneven feel to it.

David Adair