Pro Evolution Soccer 4 - Xbox review

Pro Evolution Soccer 4

Pro Evolution Soccer 4 – Xbox review

Pro Evolution Soccer 4 – Xbox review

The release of Konami's Pro Evo 4 on the Xbox is most certainly a momentous event. Xbox owners around the world now have access to the greatest football game ever developed and what's more they can all play against each other on-line via Xbox live. Since its first incarnation back on the SNES Konami's ISS Soccer engine has been the stuff of legend. Offering captivating game-play, awesome ball control, great player animations, easy to use and logical interfaces and music that never gets annoying - supplied by the Konami house band. This title truly is a piece of gaming genius.

To succeed in PES 4 you have to think with a football brain. There is no chance of just screaming down the wing, shooting from 35 yards and hoping to score. Intricate passing and careful build up play is the only way to beat your opponent. Even more so now as the AI of the computer controlled players has been greatly improved. Your teammates now make intelligent runs off the ball and getting behind the opposition defense is more challenging and ultimately more rewarding.

  Pro Evolution Soccer 4 – Xbox review

Another marked improvement is the on ball player control. The skill levels of each player are much more obvious in game and individual facets of people's games can change the flow of any tie. For example, when you play a pass to a low skilled player it will take him more time to get the ball under control and you will need more space to turn. A higher skilled player can stop the ball dead, hold off a defender and turn on a sixpence.

The dribbling system has also been tweaked allowing greater control when going one on one with a defender incorporating step overs and sidesteps to skin your opponent while more accurate cut backs, through balls and crosses can be made. You can also take control of your keeper and have him run out to meet oncoming strikers.

New options for set plays are now available for free kicks and corners as well as the forever cheeky chipped penalty.

The inclusion of an on field referee is a nice touch and even he hasn't escaped an AI improvement making for less dubious decisions than in PES 3.

The Master League mode has been improved so that along with buying and selling players you can control their wages and training. The multiplayer options are as good as ever, you can create custom leagues and tournaments for some great nights in with your mates and the edit mode allows you to create a player from scratch and put yourself into the game.

When it comes to wrapping up this review there isn't really a great deal to say. The graphics are remarkable the sound is more than substantial; the only thing you will need to worry about is getting out of bed for school or work having stayed up all night taking your team to the top. If you are new to Pro Evo, prepare to be amazed. If you, like me, have waited patiently for the day when Pro Evo hits the Xbox – the wait is over. Let the games begin.


10 out of 10


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