No Doubt - Live DVD - Rock Steady reviewed

No Doubt - Live DVD Rock Steady
No Doubt's Live DVD - Rock Steady reviewed

If you're a fan of No Doubt, then you'll love this. Some live DVDs can be really lack-lustre but you let energy from this one, a sense of atmosphere. Plus there a loads of extras including the now almost obligatory band interviews. It's actually nearly worth watching for the spectacle of the show alone although it does help that the songs are pretty much decent. Gwen Stefani is a whirling mass of energy and doesn't stop moving much - making it not hard to get into the gig.

No Doubt do things differently, as they rise up through the stage you realise that Stefani isn't the only personality in the band, as the drummer is in stripy boxers, chequered pink and
Music -No Doubt's Live DVD - Rock Steady reviewed

white knee-highs and pink lippy. He looks cool. He's also, unusually right at the front near the mosh pit. And the crowd loves it. For a lot of the gig it seems Stefani and co. never lost their ska roots with a few songs like Sunday Morning' and Ex-girlfriend' being more white girl rap.

There's a really twee moment when the whole band de-camp to the front complete with stools and acoustic guitars for Magic's in the Makeup' but the song's so good it's actually moving. What's really nice is that the session musicians are involved all the time and a family atmosphere is evoked. Naturally, Don't Speak' is the final song of the set and amazingly is poignant as the crowd basically sing the whole of the first verse. One of the more bizarre moments is Stefani doing press-ups on stage to the intro of Just a Girl'.

The extras are great and the band interview is presented as a question and answer session but each caption is a question and is very funny. There is ilots of footage that follows the various members around their homes and other hobbies, which in turn provides the curious sight of Stefani in a sort of soft porn cabaret show. The footage does give us a glimpse into the fascinating world of No Doubt (no sarcasm intended) and it's always good to learn more. More for the fans perhaps, but it is good value for money as far as live DVDs go.

Natasha Perry

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