MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK - "I am the movie" Reviewed 23/06/2003

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Out on Epitaph Records 23/06/2003

They say the world’s a stage and Motion City Soundtrack fronted by Justin Cain are determined to make it into one long pop punk musical. The main track is ’My Favourite Accident’, which is the next single to be released. This contains Matt Skiba (AlkalineTrio)like soulful vocals with a mixture of Good Charlotte and The Flaming Lips, topping off this ripping tale of lost love with a romantic tinge to it. It appears to lend support to the view that love is fate and in the hands of the Gods by using the accident analogy, making it deeper than the usual “Blink punk”:

“I got the message long before you said you knew.
There was no chance of us at all…..
So we were an accident you’ll always be my favourite one. ”

There is a shock in store for the punk listener in ‘Boombox Generation’ which shares the same opening riff as Shed Seven’s ‘She Left Me on Friday’. This coupled with Avril Lavigne and Good Charlotte affiliating themselves with modern punk that is so popular in the UK, is enough to make John Lydon flee the country, if he hadn’t already done so. Although, after the initial shock the track does turn into a bouncy pop punk tune, which describes the predicament of so many of the Boombox Generation’:

‘Stuck in the middle between what is and what might be’

The remainder of the debut contains fast singing, upbeat instrumentals and quirky lyrics covering things becoming a super hero in ‘Capital H’, the theme of indecision rears it’s ugly head again in ‘The Future Freaks Me Out’. All in all, it is a promising debut, although whether it is enough to make them anything more than an extra in stage of life is another matter?

David Adair