Minority Report
Minority Report - What is Pre-Crime?

We are a global social organisation committed to making the world a safer place. We want to live in a world where war, crime, poverty, and injustice are in the past. A place where children will look to their futures with hope, and not with fear. A place where peoples of all countries and backgrounds can come together and live in peace.

Our global website is the central repository of information about our organisation and Precrime technology. At our website, you can

“Join Us In Making The World Crime Free” by registering with us

Take our skills assessment tests to find out how you can help spread Precrime to your country

Fill out the Personality Gauge to help us determine where your personality type fits best within our organization

Discover any latent prevision skills you may have by taking our Elevated Prevision Development tests

Measure your mental dexterity and observation skills with our Rapid Assessment Test

Visit the “Support PrecrimeWorld.org” section to cast your vote for or against Precrime technology

Send information about PrecrimeWorld.org to friends and loved ones who should be informed of this movement

Hear from others who support Precrime

Visit www.PrecrimeWorld.org today and take your first step toward working for a crime free world!

Minority Report - What is Pre-Crime? @ www.contactmusic.com
Minority Report - What is Pre-Crime? @ www.contactmusic.com
Minority Report - What is Pre-Crime? @ www.contactmusic.com

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