LOMAX - A Symbol Of Modern Living
LOMAX - A Symbol Of Modern Living (10/11/03 on 93 Records) - Album Review

A Symbol Of Modern Living
(10/11/03 on 93 Records)

With bands like Boysetsfire and Kinesis venting anger and frustration over the establishment, and being proud of it both in the USA and the UK respectively. They are joined by the angry and focused Lomax who release this debut album on the back lauded live shows with The Rapture and French Kicks.

The previously released single ‘Brought To Rights’ demonstrates in full the force of the anger Lomax possesses. For politicians hoping to forget about the war, this song shows that it there a people out there who won’t let them:

Music - LOMAX - A Symbol Of Modern Living (10/11/03 on 93 Records) - Album Review
“What’s the exchange rate? 50,000 bullets a day?
What’s the tax on the lives that the fighters take”.

If only lyrics like this were made available to anti war protesters, as these are words you just cannot ignore. The vocals on this album are an intriguing mix of Lou Koller (Sick Of It All), early Joe Strummer and a hint of John Foxx (notably in ‘Knuckleheads’). Crashing guitars help to send home the hard hitting messages contained in most of these songs, with titles such as ‘The Bodies Of Journalists’ and ‘An End’ hinting at the no holds barred nature of the album. It is not just the establishment to feel the force of the Lomax anger Modern Life has a dig at contemporary society:

“Dumbstruck millions with heartache conditions. Would justice evade you
if you had the heart to say; What is the reason I got here?”

This is an enthralling debut that will capture the punk spirit in you and set it free.

David Adair