Lemon Jelly - 'Nice Weather For Ducks'
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Lemon Jelly release their second single, 'Nice Weather For Ducks' Released on January 20th 2003
"In an age of carbon copy pop and dance music, Lemon Jelly are a welcome antidote, sounding like no one except themselves." Muzik

"Lost Horizons is surely destined to be 2002's perfect prescription for the comedown blues"

As a follow up to their recent top 20 album 'Lost Horizons', Lemon Jelly release their second single, 'Nice Weather For Ducks' (or simply, 'Ducks'). Released on January 20th 2003, it promises to bring us all into the New Year smiling.

Lemon Jelly release their second single, 'Nice Weather For Ducks' Watch the Excellent Video  @ www.contactmusic.com

'Lost Horizons' has been hailed as Lemon Jelly's masterpiece; The NME declared "Truly, horizons don't get much broader, or more beautiful than this." 'Ducks' illustrates, however, that there is an eccentric alter-ego to the luscious side of Lemon Jelly's music.

'Ducks' is one of Nick Franglen and Fred Deakin's finest moments to date. Its charming folk guitar and strings draw you into the sensory world of Lemon Jelly, when everything wibbles and wobbles into an explosion of nursery-rhyme madness and cartoon-style trumpet-lines, with an unashamedly English edge. With the whole barmy experience being bound together by funky beats and Fred's scratching skills, what results is a show stopping, all guns blazing...and slightly mental....example of Lemon Jelly's other face. A crowd favourite at their recent successful London live dates, this is happy music for happy people.

'Ducks' is already receiving lots of upfront support from the likes of Chris Moyles, Jo Whiley, Mary-Anne Hobbs and Steve Lamacq.

A nice treat comes in the shape of the B-side 'Soft'. Sampling 'If You Leave Me Now' by soft-rockers Chicago, this was circulated as an anonymous, extremely limited-edition (and much sought-after) 7" in 2001. It is so rare, many refuse to believe it exists. Only now has it found its way onto a commercial release, to be adored by fans who could not get hold of this for love nor money.

This release is available as enhanced cd (featuring the video for 'Space Walk'), DVD (featuring the forthcoming video for 'Ducks') and 7" vinyl.

Once again an impeccable package of jelly treats for all generations.

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1. Nice Weather For Ducks
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