Kinesis - Billboard Beauty - Album Review

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Album Review

Billboard Beauty
11th October 2002

Set to become huge. 'Kenisis' release 'Billboard Beauty' perhaps one of their more accessible sounding tracks to date, Kinesis may still be very young but they possess distinctly adult qualities, views on life and opinions on general current affairs while at the same time keeping their lyrics simple and memorable in a similar way to previous luminaries such as Dylan, Lennon.
Billboard Beauty is a very catchy track yet, Singer Michael Bromley does sound a little like the atypical American high school kid, although they originate from Bolton??
The B Sides don't create any huge impact on their own but they do give an insight into the bands true talent. The true talent I refer to is a slightly more "At The Drive In" kind of guitar tracks, darker and more real talent. There is much hope for this band.

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