Jen Gloeckner - Miles Away (Spinning Head Records) - Album Review

Jen Gloeckner
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Jen Gloeckner - Miles Away (Spinning Head Records) - Album Review

Jen Gloeckner
Miles Away
(Spinning Head Records)

Right from the tremblingly subtle acoustic based opening track; ‘Miles Away’ this soothing US songstress captures with incise precision feelings of emptiness, emanating from small-town life where she grew up and the uncertainty that is a natural corollary losing touch with the important things in life. Heather Nova with a tinge of Thea Gilmore style vocals are at the heart of this compelling album that tackles

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topics like nostalgia and heartbreak. The mood conveyed at times through quite haunting keyboard and cello fuelled instrumentals. A case in point being ‘Nothing Person’, whereby Jen’s meandering vocals and terse lyrics are bound to set the listener on a mystic mind bending journey with stern reiteration of the line;

“Alice followed the rabbit, nothing personal just habit “

There is a dark almost PJ Harvey like kick to some of the tracks like ‘Glue’ and ‘Swarm’ that keeps you on your toes and makes this 15 track album value for money. Jen oozes authenticity and honesty that is so refreshing in an industry typically devoid of these characteristics. The album unwinds to produce a proud blues finish courtesy of ‘Otherside’ and ‘Wasting Time’, with the former summing up the blues spirit, yet Gloeckner with her upbeat vocal still manages to leave the listener feeling uplifted.

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