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Wulfrun Wolverhampton

Idlewild return to the UK's limelight after being away for 18 months. They return with a new tour through out the UK to promote their forthcoming album "The Remote Part" (due for release in July). Already with a steady worldwide fan base the success of this Scottish 4 piece continues to snowball. The stage was set; with "Ikara Colt" as the support band on the evening. On hearing this band live you cant help but feel they have listened to The Pixies Surfa Rosa album a few too many times, never the less they did set a pace for the evening, and couldn't have worked better along side the main act.

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Idlewild finally took to the stage, ever quiet Roddy Woomble (singer) showed great stage presence both in-between and during the songs, while still remaining humble and calm at all times, this was really picked up on by the audience..

Instead of the regular "back-drop" stage dcor, Idlewild used a projector screen to further portray the "feeling/mood" of their new tracks, this worked really well even though it was kind of distracted from the band. Although in the long term it made the songs stick better in my mind.

Not to my revelation all the old songs were the real crowed pleasers, this was all kicked off with "Little Discourage" as the night unfolded the band performed a eclectic play list ranging from their most recent release " You Held The World In Your Arms" to old favourites Such as "When I Argue I See Shapes"
In the middle of the set Rod Jones (guitarist) and Roddy Woomble played a new acoustic track, this was one of the most successful tracks of the night proving the vast diversity of the band.

All in all, the night was a success, there wasn't a disappointment in the whole show, and the new album is perhaps a little more grown up than their old set, but don't be put off if their live performance is anything to go by "The Remote Part" will be a diverse treat!

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