Gorillaz - Demon Days - Released 23rd May 2005 - Album Review

Gorillaz - Demon Days - Released 23rd May 2005 - Album Review
Demon Days
Released 23rd May 2005

Demon Days is worth owning just to marvel over the great sleeve artwork depicting the Gorillaz in a scene representing each song.

Beautifully composed, this album is full of gems and has contributions from many top artists. Neneh Cherry provides additional vocals on “Kids With Guns” an imposing bass-heavy track warning of ‘mesmerised skeletons – kids with guns’. The tone lightens up with “Dirty Harry” starting off similar to Lee Dorsey’s “Night People” before kicking in to a hand-clapping booty-shaker featuring the angelic San Fernando Youth chorus 2003-4 season which warms you up nicely for “Feel Good Inc.” featuring De La Soul.

Other highlights include “All Alone” with fun synths, a rolling bass and fast percussion with the unmistakable tones of Roots Manuva cut in to deliver a high-energy untamed rap complementing beautifully the messy yet neat composition. We are then treated to a short story read by Dennis Easy Rider Hopper “Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Head” – a sobering story of ‘happy folk’ playing out their peaceful, innocent lives living in harmony with the monkey spirit until their dreams are stolen by the ‘strange folk’.

10 years ago music fans were split in two camps, you were either Oasis or Blur. This intense rivalry culminated in a showdown for the #1 spot that Blur won with “Country House”, roll the clock forward to 2005 and with Liam and Damon still as opposed as Sith and Jedi, Mr Albarn shows the force is strong with him having reincarnated himself as a higher ape than Mr Gallagher.


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