GOLDENEYE: ROGUE AGENT - XBOX Review - Screenshots


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GOLDENEYE: ROGUE AGENT - XBOX Review - Screenshots


OK its my final review of 2004 and I would of liked to have gone out with a bang, unfortunately I was given this to review.

Goldeneye - Rogue Agent is the next game in the James Bond series, so its a first person shooter lots of explosions and plenty of enemies (generally stupid enemies) to cut down with you vast arsenal of weapons. Trouble is if you think it is going to be like previous James Bond games you will end up being very dissappointed.

First of all how can you have a James Bond game without the man himself, in fact you can actually send him to his doom in the opening cut scene, sheer nonsense. You then get thrown out of service by M and become a rogue agent working for various Bond villians like Dr No and Goldfinger.

There is no strategy to the game its all quite straight forward and it all becomes quite obvious from the very beginning that you won't be

GOLDENEYE: ROGUE AGENT - Reviewed - Screenshots
GOLDENEYE: ROGUE AGENT - Reviewed - Screenshots

getting gripped by the game at any stage. The goldeneye you have had implanted allows you to see enemies through walls which doesn't help if you can't shoot through walls plus the enemies are so stupid they show themselves anyway.

The trouble with this game is that because you are not playing as the James Bond 007 character you never really get into the game and don't really care much about the Rogue Agent you are playing.

As first person shooters go its old hat and theres nothing new, compare this to the explosive action of Call of Duty, well theres no comparison. If they are not careful the James ond Not Shaken and Stirred it tond franchise could be over with this inept effort and to be fair good riddance if they continue to produce games like this.

Pick your game up EA.

Slow and no excitement

Good to look at especially Bond in the opening cut scene

You will struggle to pursue it through to the end.

60% Bond Stirred Not Shaken