Garbage single review Breaking Up The Girl

Breaking Up The Girl: Single released April 8

German dance guru Timo Maas has remixed the next Garbage single 'Breaking Up The Girl'. The remix appears on the CD2 format of the single. 'Breaking Up The Girl' is the stunning third single from the band's highly acclaimed new album, beautifulgarbage.

The new single appears in 3 formats and also features a remix by Brothers In Rhythm. To support its release in April, Garbage commence their first UK tour in 3 years. The group, who have received great acclaim for their recent headline appearances at Australia's Big Day Out festival, also appears as part of the MTV Five Night Stand on April 8.

'Breaking Up The Girl' is taken from Garbage's third album and sees the band in the most vibrant form of their career. The arrangements are looser, Shirley Manson's vocals are more assured and the songs themselves demonstrate a considerable broadening of the group's musical palette. Recorded at the band's Smart Studios in Madison Wisconsin, the ironically titled beautifulgarbage is their third self penned and self produced album.The album has already sold nearly two million copies and has received some of the best reviews of their career.

Garbage's touring line up is Shirley Manson (vocals & guitar), Duke Erikson (guitar & keyboards), Steve Marker, (guitar & keyboards), Butch Vig (drums) and Daniel Schulman (bass).

To Check Out the Timo Maas remix of Breaking Up The Girl
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Read Garbage Single review Breaking Up The Girl @
Read Garbage Single review Breaking Up The Girl @
Read Garbage Single review Breaking Up The Girl @
Read  Garbage Single review Breaking Up The Girl @

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