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“I’ve never seen a movie quite like FRAILTY. It’s unique, thought-provoking, edge-of-the seat entertainment.”
Stephen King

"Electrifying. A tale of madness and elemental evil which keeps you guessing until the very last shot." James Cameron

“FRAILTY is the most frightening horror picture I’ve seen since The Shining. It kept me on the edge of my seat begging for mercy.”
Sam Raimi

WESLEY DOYLE (Powers Boothe), the FBI agent heading the search for Texas’ notorious “God’s Hand” murderer, is understandably suspicious when a man walks into his office and announces that he knows the identity of the elusive serial killer. Introducing himself as FENTON MEIKS (Matthew McConaughey), he claims that his brother, Adam, killed all those people and then killed himself. But Adam’s crimes are just one small part of a long and complex story that Meiks wants to share with Doyle so he will understand what motivated his brother to kill. Past and present converge as the two strangers drive together to the rose garden where Adam is buried and Meiks begins his tale of faith and retribution.

It is 1979 and the Meiks brothers, twelve-year-old Fenton (Matthew O’Leary) and nine-year-old Adam (Jeremy Sumpter), enjoy an idyllic relationship with their father (Bill Paxton), a kind and sensitive man still recovering from the death of his beloved wife. The boys are happy and secure, until a sudden and inexplicable turn of events changes their lives forever. Dad announces that he has been visited by an Angel who has entrusted him with a holy mission. God has chosen him and his sons to destroy “demons” who pose as ordinary men and women. The Angel will provide them with a list of names. The Meiks must find these “demons” and kill them.

While young Adam is enthusiastic about the family mission and claims to share his Dad’s visions of divine justice, Fenton fears that their father is insane. Torn between his love for his family and his belief that their diabolical plan must be stopped, Fenton wrestles with his own demons, searching for a solution. The terrible violence that shatters the brothers’ childhood has a dramatic impact on their futures. Deeply affected by their experiences, Fenton and Adam develop extreme ideas about good and evil, ideas that lead them to shocking and unforeseen fates.

Frailty ' Texas Axe Massacre ' @
Frailty ' Texas Axe Massacre ' @
Frailty ' Texas Axe Massacre ' @
Frailty ' Texas Axe Massacre ' @
Frailty ' Texas Axe Massacre ' @


A powerful, provocative. and frightening film about faith, lost innocence, and the sometimes indistinguishable nature of good and evil in the contemporary world, FRAILTY is an artfully-constructed psychological thriller that combines masterful storytelling with ambitious and disturbing themes. The remarkable directorial debut of acclaimed actor Bill Paxton, who also plays the pivotal role of DAD in the movie, FRAILTY portrays the destruction of a once-idyllic Southern family, a father and his two young sons who are tested in extreme and unexpected ways. Paxton calls upon his accomplished cast, including Matthew McConaughey, Powers Boothe, and newcomers Matthew O’Leary and Jeremy Sumpter, and his crew, including award-winning cinematographer Bill Butler, to create a classic Hitchcockian world that is rich in atmosphere, suspense, and surprise. Written by Brent Hanley and produced by David Kirschner and David Blocker, FRAILTY is a Lions Gate release.

The FRAILTY screenplay is a masterpiece of storytelling. Part thriller and part mystery, the plot is utterly original every step of the way as it builds to its stunning finish. “Brent Hanley’s script is truly a revelation,” says producer David Kirschner. “One of the qualities indicative of great writing is that, at each read, you get more out of it.” FRAILTY has that kind of complexity of plot and theme.

The title itself refers to the frailty of human perception. Screenwriter Brent Hanley turned to classic films, novels, and even music for his inspiration. “I looked at a lot of Hitchcock films when I wrote FRAILTY,” Hanley explains. “I watched “Night of the Hunter,” and listened to music by Leonard Cohen. FRAILTY even references the Bible, offering a modern take on “The Story of Isaac” and elements of the Old Testament.”

Hanley’s script made a tremendous impression on Bill Paxton, an actor best known for his performances in such films as TWISTER, TITANIC, APPOLLO 13, and A SIMPLE PLAN. Paxton describes FRAILTY as “a movie in the great tradition of Alfred Hitchcock or Robert Aldrich. It is a film that implies very, very dark things.” Intrigued by the script’s complex themes and edgy approach to storytelling, Paxton found himself wanting more involvement than the role of DAD. Paxton began his film career as a set dresser for Roger Corman and has always been at home behind the camera. The more he thought about FRAILTY, the more he realized he had found the perfect project for his directorial debut. “It’s intricate. It’s complicated. It’s an original Noir /Gothic thriller set in East Texas,” Paxton explains. “ I knew the landscape. I knew the characters. I knew the parameters of this kind of story from my work in A SIMPLE PLAN, ONE FALSE MOVE, and TRAVELLER. I learned a lot working with directors such as Sam Raimi. And I thought, I can do this.”

Paxton’s arrived at his decision to direct FRAILTY partly because he found himself a little uncomfortable at the thought of being directed by someone else in this controversial
role. “I was a little nervous about committing to play Dad,” he admits. “I was worried that a wild-eyed director would get hold of this material and sensationalize it just to shock people. And that, to me, wouldn’t do the script justice.” Far from sensationalized, Paxton’s interpretation of FRAILTY is very classical. “My vision of this story has always been the idea that it is a very edgy script that pushes a lot of buttons, especially because children are involved. But I thought that’s exactly the reason to give it a real, old Hollywood approach, where all of the darkness is implied instead of being explicit. We hear a chop or a scream, but we never see a drop of blood,” Paxton explains. His careful and imaginative approach to dramatizing FRAILTY’S intense and potentially shocking moments elevates the material, making the film a memorable tale of suspense and horror.

Inspired casting is a critical element in FRAILTY’S success. Paxton plays Dad with such strength, conviction, and humanity that even when the character becomes more and more extreme, he is still credible and appealing. There is a fundamental ambiguity to the role of Dad. “He is a great father figure,” Paxton adds, “although he turns very diabolical,” which is one of the characteristics Paxton felt made this role so interesting.

The other cast members of FRAILTY faced the same challenges as Paxton and reach the same level of accomplishment. Matthew McConaughey, most recently seen in a lighter mode as the romantic lead opposite Jennifer Lopez in THE WEDDING PLANNER, does a remarkable narration throughout the story as the film goes back in time to his childhood. His account of his strange and terrible experiences with his father and brother is vivid and compelling. “McConaughey’s achievement in this pivotal and ambiguous role is to tell this complicated story in a way that engages the audience. He draws them in, provoking them to think. At the same time, he creates a sense of fear and anxiety with his voice,” says Paxton.

McConaughey explains that he was drawn to the extraordinary role of Fenton Meiks for several reasons. “I really enjoyed the story. It is a classic Gothic horror picture and I enjoyed trying something a little bit darker. FRAILTY is my brand of scary in that it is a very human story about someone taking something literally and doing something for righteousness sake, and that’s the interesting part of the human mind.”

Cast in the role of FBI Agent Doyle, Powers Boothe brings a lot of experience and a great dynamic to the production, “Powers Boothe is an actor I have long admired” remarks Paxton. A veteran actor with numerous noteworthy performances, Boothe was immediately drawn to the project by the highly original script and the incredible cast and crew Paxton had assembled. In describing the story, Boothe comments, “I think each character in the film would describe FRAILTY differently. For me, it’s a thriller, but that is putting it in very simple terms. The film is so much more complex than that. And certainly, as an actor, when you get some real text like this script, some words that stimulate your intellect and emotions at the same time, it’s pretty rare.”

Casting the roles of young Fenton and Adam presented an enormous challenge. These characters, subject to horrifying developments in their young lives, needed to radiate innocence and vulnerability at the same time that they had to be completely credible. “The character of young Fenton had to carry the cross of the film and anchor the cast, so we took the casting very seriously and did a big search. Luckily, we found a 13-year old boy named Matthew O’Leary to play young Fenton. He charmed the pants off of everybody,” recalls Paxton. Matthew O’Leary was thrilled to be cast in FRAILTY. “I really liked the script and it was a fun film to work on. I learned a lot, especially from Bill Paxton,” says O’Leary.

Producer David Kirschner praises both O’Leary and Jeremy Sumpter, claiming “I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of two kids than the kids in this film. They really had to go to hell and back in a couple of scenes, and they did it beautifully.” Kirschner also expresses great admiration for the way director Bill Paxton worked with his young actors. “There were times when he kept them on a short leash, and times when he goofed around with them,” Kirschner recalls. “ He really knew how to balance what was happening. Bill would have conversations with the boys, taking them through the way he saw the scene, yet never imposing himself as an actor. He always encouraged them to bring something of their own to every scene. It was really fascinating to watch.”

A production with a relatively modest budget, FRAILTY had a thirty-seven day shooting schedule and successfully achieved the look of a small Texas town by utilizing unique locations in West Covina, Sylmar, Sun Valley, and even parts of Los Angeles. “I wanted a stark, clean look, like an Edward Hopper painting. You can get all that in L.A. And by working in Hollywood, I had access to an incredible crew” says Paxton. One of the most intriguing locations was an old Phillips 66 gas station in West Covina. “We were so excited to find this great old gas station that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright to create the perfect backdrop for this southern gothic thriller” recalls Kirschner.

Paxton relied on artist David Ivie to help him achieve the look he wanted. Describing Ivie’s paintings as “little narratives,” Paxton encouraged Ivie to collaborate on storyboards with him to establish FRAILTY’S unique design. “David really was my original visualist. I would do some of the rough drawings and then David would do more of a finished drawing. I wanted the world in the movie to be very beautiful, even though it becomes very horrific. David Ivie’s work expresses this,” Paxton explains. He also credits cinematographer Bill Butler for his contributions to FRAILTY’S stunning visuals.

“I was excited when Bill Butler who was the cinematographer on such classic films as “Jaws” and “The Conversation” came aboard as my Director of Photography for FRAILTY. And I really picked his brain, always asking “how did you do this shot?” and “how did you figure that out?” recalls Paxton. The respect was mutual, as Bill Butler recounts his initial conversations with Paxton about the script. “I liked the direction he wanted to take and he inspired me to share his vision. It was a great collaboration.”

FRAILTY unfolds against a southern rural landscape of farmhouses, rundown motels and small-town police stations. Director of photography Bill Butler worked closely with Paxton on the visuals for FRAILTY, creating a backdrop of muted and neutral colors in which the characters really jump out of. “In terms of the kind of locales we used, the story had a kind of “Bonny & Clyde” feel to it,” says Paxton.

Paxton sums up the intentions of the filmmakers by saying “It’s a great story with great characters and incredible suspense because you invest so much in this young adolescent boy and what he’s going through and what he’s seeing and what he’s trying to escape.” For Kirschner, FRAILTY raises important questions about the viability of faith in the modern world. “Today, if someone says ‘God spoke to me,’ we think that they’re crazy,” he says. “Yet, the Old Testament is based on God’s conversations with Moses. We want to believe that it happened then, but we can’t accept that it might happen today. That’s what so fascinating about FRAILTY. It suggests that the impossible is possible.”

“I really wanted to make a haunted movie,” Paxton reveals. “FRAILTY is scary and suspenseful. But, more than that, the movie has a haunted beauty. I was inspired by movies such as NIGHT OF THE HUNTER, PSYCHO, and HUSH, HUSH SWEET CHARLOTTE, thrillers made with that classic Hollywood approach. We’ve become such a society of exploitation that we’re desensitized to violence. But the mind’s eye, and that which is implied, is so much more powerful than explicit gore. FRAILTY will scare you, that’s for sure, but with a big twist.”


Matthew McConaughey portrays the role of Fenton Meiks, the narrator of FRAILTY and the film’s most complex and surprising character. McConaughey made his motion picture debut in Richard Linklater's acclaimed 1970s coming-of-age drama, DAZED AND CONFUSED. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, McConaughey became a sensation with his riveting performance in A TIME TO KILL, which earned the young actor rave reviews and overnight stardom. He starred opposite Oscar winner Jodie Foster in Robert Zemeckis' CONTACT, followed by Steven Spielberg’s historical drama, AMISTAD. starring opposite notable actors Anthony Hopkins and Morgan Freeman. McConaughey also starred in EDTV with Jenna Elfman, Woody Harrelson and Ellen DeGeneres. McConaughey’s other credits include: Herbert Ross' BOYS ON THE SIDE, Disney’s ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD, and John Sayles LONE STAR. Most recently, McConaughey starred opposite Jennifer Lopez in the blockbuster romantic comedy, THE WEDDING PLANNER, and in U-571, which also starred Bill Paxton.

McConaughey's production company, “j.k. livin,” is developing several projects for Warner Bros., Universal, Paramount and Imagine Entertainment. The company executive produced the critically acclaimed feature documentary HANDS ON A HARDBODY, directed by fellow Texan Robb Bindler. The company also produced Making Sandwiches with Sandra Bullock's Fortis Films, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival.

Bill Paxton is an acclaimed actor who has been associated with some of the most successful films in history, including TITANIC, TWISTER, APOLLO 13, ALIENS, and TERMINATOR. He has won critical acclaim with his performances in such independent films as ONE FALSE MOVE, TRAVELLER and A SIMPLE PLAN. Most recently, Paxton starred in VERTICAL LIMIT was seen as the Captain in the WWII submarine hit, U-571. Paxton was nominated for a Golden Globe for his role in HBO’s A BRIGHT SHINING LIE. In addition, Roger Ebert voted Paxton best actor of the year for his work in A SIMPLE PLAN.

Moving to Hollywood from his hometown in Texas, Paxton got his start working as a set dresser on Roger Corman’s BIG BAD MAMA. After working in the art department on several features, he decided to move to New York to study acting. Returning to Los Angeles in 1980, he met James Cameron while moonlighting as one of Cameron’s set dressers on the low budget Sci-fi GALAXIE OF TERROR. He then began accumulating acting credits, first in B-horror movies such as MORTUARY, then in studio films such as THE LORDS OF DISCIPLINE, STREETS OF FIRE and the classic John Hughes comedy, WEIRD SCIENCE, in which Paxton caught the audience’s attention as Chet, the bullying older brother. Other film credits include NEAR DARK, PASS THE AMMO, TRESPASS, TOMBSTONE and INDIAN SUMMER.

POWERS BOOTHE (Agent Wesley Doyle)
Powers Boothe has an extensive list of feature film credits, including Oliver Stone’s films U-TURN with Sean Penn and Nick Nolte, and NIXON with Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris; BLUE SKY with Jessica Lange and Tommy Lee Jones, and TOMBSTONE opposite Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer and Charlton Heston. Other film credits include SUDDEN DEATH, RAPID FIRE, EXTREME PREJUDICE, THE EMERALD FOREST, RED DAWN, A BREED APART, and SOUTHERN COMFORT. Most recently, Boothe starred in MEN OF HONOR opposite Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Robert De Niro.

Boothe won an Emmy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of Reverend Jim Jones in the television movie GUYANA TRAGEDY: THE STORY OF JIM JONES. He has starred in numerous television productions, including the USA Network original mini-series, ATILLA THE HUN; the mini-series JOAN OF ARC, opposite Leelee Sobieski and Jacqueline Bisset; THE SPREE with Jennifer Beals, and the mini-series TRUE WOMEN. Boothe played the lead in the television movie BY DAWN’S EARLY LIGHT with Rebecca DeMornay and James Earl Jones. He starred as Philip Marlowe in the HBO series PHILIP MARLOWE, PRIVATE EYE. Additional television credits include MARKED FOR MURDER, FAMILY OF SPIES, INTO THE HOMELAND A CRY FOR LOVE, A CRIME OF PASSION and The PLUTONIUM INCIDENT.

MATTHEW O’ LEARY (Young Fenton)
Thirteen year-old Matthew O’Leary makes his feature film debut in the role of young Fenton. O’Leary also stars opposite John Travolta and Vince Vaughn in Paramount’s DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE which will be followed by Spy Kids II directed by Robert Rodriguez in 2002. He began his career in television starring opposite Caroline Rhea in the Disney television film “Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire.”

At age six, Jeremy Sumpter was the youngest child in Kentucky to be accepted into the state’s Gifted Arts program. Some of his artwork was exhibited in a local art gallery. Jeremy and his twin sister, Jessica, and younger sister, Jennifer, entered the International Model and Talent Association preliminary competition in Lexington, Kentucky. Jeremy was selected to compete at the International Modeling and Talent Association’s Los Angeles International Convention where he went on to win “Pre-Teen Male Model of the Year,” along with awards in Fashion/Runway, Commercial/Print and nine other categories.

DERK CHEETWOOD (Agent Griffin Hull)
Most recently, Derk Cheetwood co-starred in U-571, where he first met and worked with his current FRAILTY co-star Matthew McConaughey and director/co-star Bill Paxton. Cheetwood stars in the independent film, RAIN. He has guest starred on numerous television series, including, “Ally McBeal,” “JAG,” and “High Incident.” Cheetwood also starred in the television movie FINDING KELLY and co-starred in COLD EQUATION.


BILL PAXTON (Director)
Bill Paxton, who makes his directorial debut in FRAILTY, is an acclaimed actor who has been associated with some of the most successful films in history, including TITANIC, TWISTER, APOLLO 13, ALIENS, and TERMINATOR. He has won critical acclaim with his performances in such independent films as ONE FALSE MOVE, TRAVELLER and A SIMPLE PLAN. Most recently, Paxton starred in VERTICAL LIMIT was seen as the Captain in the WWII submarine hit, U-571. Paxton was nominated for a Golden Globe for his role in HBO’s A BRIGHT SHINING LIE. In addition, Roger Ebert voted Paxton best actor of the year for his work in A SIMPLE PLAN.

Moving to Hollywood from his hometown in Texas, Paxton got his start working as a set dresser on Roger Corman’s BIG BAD MAMA. After working in the art department on several features, he decided to move to New York to study acting. Returning to Los Angeles in 1980, he met James Cameron while moonlighting as one of Cameron’s set dressers on the low budget Sci-fi GALAXIE OF TERROR. He then began accumulating acting credits, first in B-horror movies such as MORTUARY, then in studio films such as THE LORDS OF DISCIPLINE, STREETS OF FIRE and the classic John Hughes comedy, WEIRD SCIENCE, in which Paxton caught the audience’s attention as Chet, the bullying older brother. Other film credits include NEAR DARK, PASS THE AMMO, TRESPASS, TOMBSTONE and INDIAN SUMMER.

A native of suburban Los Angeles, David Kirschner began his career as an illustrator for Jim Henson’s Muppet and Sesame Street characters. In 1986, Kirschner created and executive produced with Steven Spielberg An American Tail, which became one of the most successful animated films in history and has spawned a franchise currently in its 4th installment. Kirschner’s second film was the horror movie Child's Play, whose leading character, “Chucky”, an animatronic doll which Kirschner created, launched a second successful franchise with Child's Play II, Child's Play III, and the 1998’s, Bride of Chucky. Kirschner went on to produce Disney's live-action comedy Hocus Pocus, which was based on his short story and starred Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker. Kirschner also executive produced Universal’s The Flintstones, again in partnership with Spielberg.

Based upon the book he co-wrote, Kirschner also co-wrote and produced the live-action and animated fantasy The Pagemaster. He also produced 1997’s critically acclaimed animated feature Cats Don't Dance, which won both the Golden Crown at Annecy and the prestigious Annie Award (the American Animation Awards) for Best Feature.

In 2000, he produced Titan A.E., released by Twentieth Century Fox and based loosely on the Robert Louis Stevenson classic, Treasure Island. Kirschner is currently in pre-production on the CGI adaptation of the classic Curious George books, for which he is teamed up with Ron Howard and Brian Grazer. Kirschner is also readying the feature film Miss Potter, a romantic-tragedy based on the life of renowned children’s author Beatrix Potter. Bruce Beresford will direct from
Misbehavin’ and Miss Saigon.
David Blocker won an Emmy Award for Best Picture for producing the critically-acclaimed "Don King, Only in America," starring Ving Rhames as boxing promoter Don King. Blocker’s film credits include New Line’s thriller, FIFTEEN MINUTES, starring Robert De Niro, BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS, Michael Apted’s thriller BLINK, with Madeleine Stowe and Aidan Quinn, and TRAVELLER, with Bill Paxton, Julianna Margulies and Mark Wahlberg. Blocker also produced, the HBO hit "Tyson: Fire and Fear."

Blocker has enjoyed a prolific collaboration with Alan Rudolph for over a decade. Their relationship started on the feature documentary "Return Engagement," a series of debates between Timothy Leary and Gordon Liddy, which Blocker executive produced. With Rudolph, he has produced six other films which include: CHOOSE ME, TROUBLE IN MIND, MADE IN HEAVEN, THE MODERNS, LOVE AT LARGE, and EQUINOX.

Corey Sienega is Vice President of Production for David Kirschner Productions and has worked with David Kirschner since 1993. Before joining with Kirschner, she worked in feature film development at Meg Ryan’s company, Fandango Films, and in the literary department at Susan Smith and Associates.

A California native, Corey is an alumna of San Francisco State University’s School of Cinema. While living in San Francisco, she was also a contributing writer for the alternative movie publication, Film Threat Magazine.

Corey served as Executive Producer on the successful BRIDE OF CHUCKY, Universal’s latest installment of the Child’s Play franchise, which was directed by Ronny Yu (THE BRIDE WITH WHITE HAIR) and was shot by Oscar-winning cinematographer, Peter Pau (CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON). In early 2002, Corey and Kirschner will produce MISS POTTER, a romantic-drama based on the life of famed children’s author Beatrix Potter. The script was written by Tony Award winner Richard Maltby (AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’, MISS SAIGON) and will be directed by Bruce Beresford (DRIVING MISS DAISY, TENDER MERCIES).

Corey and Kirschner are attached to produce several projects which are currently set up at studios including the supernatural thriller IMMORTALS for Universal Pictures; the sci-fi noir SIX DAYS TIL SUNDAY for Lions Gate Films; and the psychological thriller UNDONE for Disney.

Corey most recently wrapped the psychological-thriller FRAILTY, which she produced with David Kirschner and David Blocker for Lions Gate. The film stars Matthew McConaughey and Bill Paxton and is slated for release in early 2002.

BILL BUTLER, ASC (Director of Photography)
Bill Butler brings a diverse and experienced photography background to all of his film projects. He has shot in countries all over the world, including Brazil, Australia, the Bahamas, Toronto, and the United States. Some of Butler's most notable feature film credits are JAWS (1975), GREASE (1978), STRIPES (1981), and installments 2, 3 and 4 in the ROCKY series. Butler was nominated for an Academy Award for his collaboration with director Milos Forman for the acclaimed film, ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST (1975). Other credits include ANACONDA, FLIPPER, and BEETHOVEN’S 2ND.

Celebrated for his award-winning television movies, Butler has won Emmys for his work with director John Erman on A STREET CAR NAMED DESIRE and for Irvin Kershner’s THE RAID ON ENTEBBE, Butler also collaborated with director Daryl Duke for the Emmy-nominated THE THORN BIRDS.

BRENT HANLEY (Screenwriter)
Brent Hanley marks his feature film-writing debut with FRAILTY. He is currently writing and developing two other feature-length screenplays. Before relocating to Los Angeles, Hanley earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Film from Emerson.

NELSON COATES (Production Designer)
Nelson Coates brings diverse skills and years of experience to feature film production design. Coates' commitment and attention to detail can be seen in KISS THE GIRLS, THINGS TO DO IN DENVER WHEN YOU'RE DEAD, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 1995, and LIVING OUT LOUD. On television, he designed the successful miniseries, "Stephen King's The Stand," which earned him an Emmy nomination.

Coates’ film credits also include such diverse projects as BASTARD OUT OF CAROLINA, BLANK CHECK, MURDER AT 1600, ALBINO ALLIGATOR, THREE OF HEARTS, and DISTURBING BEHAVIOR, as well as numerous commercials. Coates' most recent credit is DON’T SAY A WORD, starring Michael Douglas, and the upcoming sci-fi adventure, IMPOSTER starring Gary Sinise.

Coates' work crosses over the boundary of motion picture and has been seen in numerous theater productions. The sets he constructed for the Onstage Theatre Company's production of Hurlyburly in Los Angeles won rave reviews from Variety, Dramalogue and The Los Angeles Times. In addition, Coates has earned several Forum Awards, including one for Horton Foote's The Traveling Lady.

BRIAN TYLER (Composer)
Brian Tyler is an accomplished and award winning composer, classical conductor and songwriter. He got his start in music at a young age learning piano, drums and guitar and toured extensively in his teens and early 20s playing in concert halls around the world.

His credits include Artisan Entertainment’s PANIC starring William Macy and Neve Campbell for director Henry Bromell; the cult favorite SIX-STRING SAMURAI; Paramount Pictures’ SIRENS directed by John Sacret-Young; and THE 4th FLOOR starring William Hurt and Juliette Lewis for director Josh Klausner. His music was also featured in the blockbuster hit THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS. He is the composer for the critically acclaimed CBS television series “The Education of Max Bickford” starring Richard Dreyfuss.

APRIL FERRY (Costume Designer)
April Ferry has an impressive list of costume designing credits, for both film and television. She received an Oscar nomination for her work on MAVERICK, starring Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster. Her film credits include BROKEDOWN PALACE, PLAYING BY HEART, FLUBBER, SHADOW CONSPIRACY, THE ASSOCIATE, LITTLE GIANTS, PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES, FREE WILLY, UNLAWFUL ENTRY, THE BABE, and RADIO FLYER. Most recently, she designed costumes for U-571, directed by Jonathan Mostow.

Ferry’s television credits include DON KING and THE ROCKFORD FILES. In addition, she received an Emmy nomination for her costume designs on MY NAME IS BILL W.



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