Embrace - Ashes - Single Review

November 15 th 2004

There was a grim outlook at one point for Danny McNamara and the Embrace boys, as their creative and soaring flame was doused, and listeners were uninspired by their offerings. It wasn’t until previous hits “Come Back To What You Know” and “All You Good Good People,” which added a spark to rekindle the flame, that the warmth began to return and listeners were once more inspired. However it may still have felt that their heart was not yet fully in it, and that there

Embrace - Ashes - Single Review

was a way to go. That way has gone, and Embrace’s 2004 return with “Gravity” meant a whole new rise from the ashes, with this heart-warming and meaningful soaring track. It may have been the personal pen-thoughts of Coldplay songwriter Chris Martin, but Embrace play and sing as soaringly and warmly as if it were the bands own feelings. Can they keep that momentum up?

Well second single Ashes shows that not only can they maintain the momentum, but can go one better, without the help of others. “Ashes” is a self-penned offering, and even more of an uplifting and heartfelt spark, which rekindles the fire, and flame in the heart. A sentiment about life rekindling matches the bands theme of rising from the flames, and Ashes musically, and shows their meaningful and personal side which has finally been released.

“Now watch me rise up and leave, All the ashes you made out of me

When you said that we were wrong Life goes on, you blew me away”

If the uplifting sentiment wasn’t enough, the band match the strength of it musically, Ashes is even more upbeat and catchy than Gravity, if that were possible. With the tracks stronger guitars and even higher soaring choruses, Ashes could lift the deepest of moods, with it’s expression of re-juvenation and life changing, or to be less deep, it’s feel good nature.

It was a long-wait but Embrace has proved it worth it, for both fans and themselves, hopefully they will keep the formula up. Looking for a boost, or just a decent rock tune? Ashes will do the trick.


Katherine Tomlinson


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