Colin McRae 2005 - Xbox Review

Colin McRae 2005

Colin McRae 2005 - Xbox Review

There is no shortage of Rally games available for the Xbox these days. I must confess the Colin McRae series is my favorite of them all. So when 2005 landed on my desk you can probably imagine, I got excited. With this kind of title the main information I feel you need to be getting from the reviewer is “what's new” and how does this enhance the game-play. Well, in the case of Colin McRae 2005 there is lot's to tell. Colin McRae Rally 2005 features a pile of improvements and advancements that keep Codemasters long running Rally leader head and shoulders above its competition.

The first major advancement you will notice when playing Colin McRae 2005 - if you have any of the previous versions - is the addition of a career mode. Now, career modes are nothing new within the genre but there has never been anything like it before in Colin McRae games. The idea is you begin at the bottom as a rookie and must advance through the ranks until you get to race against and beat the man himself. Your goal is to win


races, enhance your driver rating and unlock more cars and races along the way.

The races unfold as in previous version over sets of stages, in-between stages you have the chance to repair any car damage picked up in the races, the only catch here is you only get 1 hour of repair time on your vehicle, which if you have incurred heavy damage may not be enough time for your engineers. You are allowed to take more time but this extra time gets added to your race time. The elements of the car that can get damaged are: wheels, axles, suspension, brakes, turbo and cooling systems, bodywork, exhaust, engine, and gearbox. The damage is shown as a percentage and my advice would be if your part isn't falling off getting racing and fix it next time round. You don't want to be adding seconds to your race times.

Another natty little feature is the auto save facility that has been added; instead of wasting precious playtime saving all your progress this is done automatically which means you don't have to even think about it.

And just when you thought a McRae game couldn't offer more detail or visual splendor, the game's development team is cramming it in: the new bonnet-cam and an improved chase cam gives a real sensation of speed and undulation. Enhanced damage and scenery visuals include new individual damage models for each car and should you crash into a tree, it'll shudder and even drop leaves!

With its perfect car handling and superbly designed stages, Colin McRae Rally 2005 is set to be the most complete and rewarding rally experience when it launches complete with online play mode.

 The #1 rally game goes online for up to 8 players on PlayStation 2 and Xbox with more cars, more stages, and new challenges

 Drive the most diverse selection of cars through new, non-linear Career Challenge with 23 individual rally events and over 300+ stages.

 30+ featured cars include the Volkswagen Golf MK5, Toyota Celica VVTLi, Lancia Stratos, Alfa Romeo 147 GTA, Alfetta GTV Turbodelta, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII, Peugeot 206, 205 T16 Evo2 and the distinctive VW Beetle RSi!

 9 international locations (new German rally joins events through UK , Sweden , USA , Finland , Australia , Spain , Greece , and Japan ), in Rally game mode, each with 8 stages. Large, animated spectator crowds cheer you on through the stages.

 Incredible detail: An individual damage model for each car - right down to paintwork scrapes and a 'dazed' visual effect as you recover from a crash. Realistic collision reactions include bending and breaking posts and look for out for potholes, loose rocks and other on-stage hazards.

If you are already a McRae fan then – you know what to do. If you love rally games but are new to Colin McRae Rally, then getting 2005 should become one of your main goals in life. This series truly is a labour of love and every new installment takes the experience to a dizzy new height. Buy this game!


9 out of 10


Click Here for Colin McRae 2005 Screenshots

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