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Music - Sean Paul - SINGLE: 'I'm Still In Love With You', featuring Sasha RELEASE DATE: January 5th, 2004 Music - Sean Paul - SINGLE: 'I'm Still In Love With You', featuring Sasha RELEASE DATE: January 5th, 2004

Bon Jovi - Live: This Left Feels Right DVD Review - Release Date - 9th February 2004

On 14th and 15th November 2003 , Bon Jovi performed live at the Borgata Hotel and Casine in Atlantic City , New Jersey . The band brought the music from This Left Feels Right album to life on stage.

To date, the album release for This Left Feels Right has sold 1.5 million copies worldwide, and the upcoming DVD release is greatly anticipated for the fans.

This DVD is a special performance of the Bon Jovi greatest hits, with a twist. Performed live for the very first time and recorded especially for the DVD release. Featuring tracks of the band's new versions of It's My Life, Livin' On A Prayer, Always, and more, in 5.1 surround. In addition to the 12 songs from the album, the band also performed two never-before-released tracks (Last Man Standing, Thief of Hearts), as well as the classic Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show song, Sylvia's Mother.

music - Bon Jovi - Live: This Left Feels Right DVD Review - Release Date - 9th February 2004

This DVD set is a collector's item and offers the viewer a fresh perspective on favourite Bon Jovi songs. Disc 2 of the DVD set has a multitude of extras including live performances. There is an interactive poker game, called Clip Poker where the viewer can play with Bon Jovi. Win a hand to watch live footage from the band's historic concert in Hyde Park . Of course, you should have a passing knowledge of poker to be able to win!

There is an exclusive interview with the band members at the poker table with queries asked by the dealer. The viewer also has an opportunity to watch camera-iso feeds from select songs and view the multiple images the director watches.

The photo gallery offers live and behind-the-scenes images of Bon Jovi.

There is a choice of subtitles for Clip Poker and Texas Hold Em Q&A with Bon Jovi in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

All in allthis is a must-have DVD for all Bon-Jovi fans!

This DVD will be available as a limited edition 2-disc digi pack and 2-disc standard amaray case.

Disc 1 - 20-track concert listing

Behind The Scenes - Everyday With Bon Jovi - 30 mins

A comprehensive behind the scenes look at the making of the DVD and the concert - subtitled.

Outtakes - Off The Record - 4 mins

4 short pieces of the band telling jokes or miscues.

Song Selection - Set List

Audio Set-Up

Disc 2

Interactive Poker - Clip Poker - 26 mins

An interactive poker game where the home view plays poker with the band. The prize for a winning hand is a never before seen live track from the Hyde Park concert in London . There are 6 songs to win as prizes:-

Lay Your Hands on Me

Keep The Faith

Raise Your Hands

Captain Crash

Blood on Blood


EPK - Texas Holdem Q & A with Bon Jovi - 14 mins

Much more than your typical Q&A, it is done at a poker table with the band player cards while the dealer is asking the questions.

Jukebox - Video Jukebox

Multi-Cam - Director's View

9 camera feeds have been pulled from 3 songs from the show for:-

Love For Sale

I'll Be There For You

Lay Your Hands On Me

Photogallery - 25 shots of the concert and behind-the-scenes



1. Love For Sale

2. You Give Love A Bad Name

3. Wanted Dead Or Alive

4. Livin' On A Prayer

5. It's My Life

6. Misunderstood

7. Lay Your Hands On Me

8. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night

9. Last Man Standing

10. Sylvia's Mother

11. Everyday

12. Bad Medicine

13. Bed Of Roses

14. Born To Be My Baby

15. Keep The Faith

16. Joey

17. Thief Of Hearts

18. I'll Be There For You

19. Always

20. Blood On Blood