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Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies Single

Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies

Single Review

Some things in life are truly unexplainable. The very meaning of existence troubles some, and has done since the beginning of time. Others are concerned with more prosaic matters, like why do you never see white dog poos anymore? But the conundrum that keeps this hack awake at night is this: just what is Biffy Clyro's appeal?

The Scottish three-piece have obtained a rabid following over the years, so much so that I will be entering Witness Protection as soon as this review is finished, but it seems completely unjustified when you're presented with the kind of bleary grunge they've been peddling for the best part of a decade.

At least Living. sees them change tack slightly, a chugging guitar with violent orchestral stabs is a grand idea, but becomes grating after what seems like the fifth hour of it. However, it soon degenerates into the same identikit grunge they're known for, with overwrought vocals to boot. By the end of this epic dirge, you get the feeling that they aimed for Bohemian Rhapsody, but ended up with the Grease Megamix.

Ben Davis

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Sidlaw's picture


Benjamin, my dear boy. All I can say in response to your 'review' is a tepid 'oh dear'. I can't stand this kind of supposed journalism where you partake in a game of 'oneupmanship'yet probably don't even play a musical instrument. I tell you what, walk the walk, why don't you let me review one of your songs?!And to carry off such an unoriginal reference about 'white poo', which you so obviously stole from reading a Guardian feature on John Simm talking about Life on Mars underlies your obvious credentials as some Simon Amstell North London 'wannabee' in his final year studying English Lit at some 'kooky cool' Northern academic institution (Manchester or Leeds University..I'm only guessing?!).I'm not a manic Biffy fan, but I had the good fortune of living with Simon Neil as an undergraduate, and what I will say on his behalf and of many Biffy fans is that to have pulled off an album, in the aftermath of what he's gone through, with the same level of courage, style, fortitude, originality and good grace deserves a degree of respect. Yes, even if you find it 'truely' unexplainable - a little bit like your written prose. So I guess the conundrum that keeps me awake at night is are you going to take a step on the field of play and put yourself out there to be criticised or whether you're going to hide in the shadows and remain a spectator for the rest of your life? Mon the Biffy!!

7 years 5 months ago
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fultoj's picture


Dear illiterate journalist, there is no such word as 'unexplainable'. The word beyond your grasp is 'inexplicable'. If British bands had the same lazy, lacklustre and ill-equipped approach to music as you do to journalism, mobile phone ringtones would be top of the charts. I also enjoyed the way that you attempted to paint yourself into the interview (as if we would be interested) and pre-empted criticism of a hurried and thoughtless piece of writing that comprises little wit, insight or musical understanding. You, sir, are the journalistic equivalent of Busted. Regards

7 years 5 months ago
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bmac's picture


BURN!!! Mon d Biff!

7 years 5 months ago
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