Benzos - Morning Stanzas - Album Review


Benzos - Morning Stanzas - Album Review

Benzos - Morning Stanzas - Album Review
Morning Stanzas

With these guys hailing from the city of New York you may expect some sort of Strokes rehash, yet what you are soon to realise is that this is something a little different or rather a bit progressive. Ambience is present in abundance, smooth reverb guitar parts, comforting vocals sounding like a mix between Bono and Tom Yorke with a dash of Matt Belamy’s lighter moments, it makes for a quite an intriguing listening experience. Tom, Bono, and Chris Martin doing karaoke over The Cooper Temple clause could be the easiest way to describe this. With the entwined guitars shimmers and electro fuzz noise it comes across all Paranoid Android. All these aspects are not just pebble dashed here or there, they are consistent within the entirety of this their debut album, and this is a good thing.

Unlike many of the other progressive acts of the moment they have an unprecedented skill in not alienating the listener, no freaky egotistical 5 minute freak outs, no snazzy jazzy image bollocks, just smooth sailing all the way. This could be a good or bad point depending on what your taste veers towards, it’s not quite coffee table stuff, but it does grab your attention immediately and drag you right in. Definitely an album for solo undisturbed use. Let’s just hope these guys get some recognition so they can develop into a Bobby of a band. 7.5/10 Super stuff

Alex Parker


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