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It Hurts

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Hands up how many of you actually admit to owning a Blink 182 record?

Oh come on, there must be at least one of you.

The law of averages actually suggests there are probably several people out there who've purchased numerous artefacts of the aforementioned trio, as their countless platinum sales will testify to.

The thing is though, once you've reached the age of about 14, Blink 182 no longer seem relevant and a casual look back through one's record and CD collection is usually met with a sigh of embarrassment at some of the "gems" you once spent your hard earned pocket money (but now wish you hadn't have done) on.

And so a late twenty-something Tom DeLonge, bored with the fact that even the tiniest of minds can only take so many "humorous" punk pop songs about girls and boys' private parts finally decides its time to grow up and get serious, and here's the result.

You see, Angels & Airwaves aren't bad – well not in the musical competency stakes at any rate. They're just dull, dull, insipidly DULL and if this is DeLonge's way of rewarding his previous incarnation's fans who've taken the first steps out of adolescence into maturity then he really needs to take a long, hard look at himself in the mirror. Fully clothed of course, because this is the kind of MOR soft rock that gives adult orientated rock a bad name. Now someone pass me the sick bucket…


Dom Gourlay

Label: Geffen

Site -


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liv2wrestle4ga's picture


Dude, You have no f**king clue what your talking about.Get the god damn sand out of your f**king vagina.Angels and Airwaves kick ass.and Blink, im 17 years old and i still listen to them.they created pretty good music i may add.keep ur trash talk to urself u stupid piece of s**t.

8 years 3 weeks ago
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uhntissuhntissuhntiss's picture


My god you have NO idea wtf you're on about. You obviously have no sense of humour and a dead squirrel up your ass. I hope Tom comes to your house and hurts you. I hope to God you don't have any kids. I bet you make them listen to country. Yes, I am ranting but you have no idea how damn good Blink actually ARE! DO'NT EVEN f**kING TELL ME THAT YOU GROW OUT OF THEM WHEN YOU'RE 14!!! Not everyone in the planet is such a stuck up arsehole as you. AVA ARE NOT DULL!!! My God. I hope you fall. Off a cliff. Into an ocean. With sharks. Man eating ones.Love ya! xxxx ¬_¬

8 years 3 weeks ago
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ajrulez's picture


i cant believe you said that about blink 182, fair enough for ava but to say it bout blink is terrible, u obviously dont know anything about music, blink 182 sold over 20 million records, how is tht 7 people?

8 years 3 weeks ago
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t-rev's picture


i dont think this guy knows anything about music. he is probly one of those guys that sits home alone every night jacking off to gay porn. first of all angels and airwaves is in my opinion one of the best bands i have listened to and blink 182 is also an awesome band. to the guy who wrote this article, i hope you burn in hell

8 years 3 weeks ago
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edude29's picture


dom gourlay is dumbass dickwad with no penis

8 years 1 month ago
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dgf1811's picture


Clearly you have no idea what Blink 182 meant to anyone, and look down your nose at anyone that claims to be into punk rock music. I cannot believe anyone would describe Angels and Airwaves as dull. It is totally ridiculous. They are an uplifting, inspirational band, which you are obviously too narrow minded to understand.

8 years 1 month ago
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gtrobster01's picture


Hey, I am so glad that you would like to talk so bad about somone who probally makes more money in months worth of shows then you will your whole life. Just to let you know who cares if Tom likes to make poo poo pee pee jokes or crude jokes about sexs. The truth is that he has done alot for himself and music in general. If you do not think so then maybe you should take a look at all the record sales blink has made and if that is still not enough how about you ask some rock bands that are popular right now if blink as influenced them in anyway. I am pretty sure that they will say they have. Besides it doesnt matter if you like the music he makes because obiviously alot of people like the music so thats all that matters. So next time please think before you post such a harsh ridcule I wouldnt want you to look stupid. That goes for anyone tring to dis any band out there. they are out there doing what they love so if you guys dont like it, you dont have to listen to it or even talk about what they play. Sincerely Yours, GtRobster

8 years 1 month ago
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