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Aloud - Sex & Sun - Released 19th July - Watch the video

Sex & Sun
Released 19th July

On July 19th Parisian bon viveurs Aloud return with their second single taken from their forthcoming eponymous debut album. As ever the cervine Cyril Bodin sets his gravel-lined larynx to work on Greg Louis’ production and with nods to the likes of Don Henley and Huey Lewis & the News, ‘Sex & Sun’ is a Caddy-funk roof-down-rawk homage to the shiny genius of the eighties.

Aloud - Sex & Sun - Released Open, 19th July - Watch the video

“It's all about the energy, the power and the kitsch of our favourite decade,” smiles Greg fondly. “To quote the great George Michael - it's natural, it's good, not everybody does it, but everybody should.”

“We've just got back from Miami,” growls Cyril. “Now that place is the definition of sex and sun. I’ve never seen so many big things - big cars, big arms, big tits. We were quite disappointed when we had to come back to France. “

And the Parisian duo definitely caused a storm in Sunshine State with their live Radio 1 broadcast and vocalist Cyril’s impromptu displays of nakedness in the DJ booth at Ministry of Sound’s Mynt Lounge party.

With four additional remixes of ‘Sex & Sun’ on offer there’s definitely something for even the most demanding of palettes.

Eric Prydz transforms the original into an electro-house boogaloo with filtered vocals and New Order style synth lines, while the Thin White Duke wanders off the trail into bongo country with a mix that comes on like The Beloved meets Eddie Vedder. Next Peter Katafalk returns with his first mix since the electro stormer ‘Down & Up’, offering an eighties-style rock-pop shot of electric-blue adrenaline (did someone say Duran Duran?) Finally Romain Tranchart steps up with his Fender-funked ‘Sex ‘n’ Sun ‘n’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Dub.’

‘Sex & Sun’ is the second single to be taken from the forthcoming ‘Aloud’ long player. “The concept for the album was based roughly around the life of a fictional character,” explains Cyril. “It follows his life from birth to death and takes in everything from from teenage rebellion, madness sex, love, paranoia and self-discovery.”

“But we didn’t have this whole story to start with,” insists Greg. “We made all the songs individually and when we were finished the concept just seemed to appear. As if by magic!”

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