Trax Records Acid Classics - Collection Sounds Modern, Edgy

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Trax Records Acid Classics - Collection Sounds Modern, Edgy

The (Second) Summer of Acid

This is the summer of Acid, or so seems the buzz, if you have an ear to the ground. West coast editor to UK DJs are saying it's so. Or the second summer perhaps, as the first one being about 16 years ago. Acid House first exploded into the Chicago clubs in the mid-eighties before really taking hold in England (remember that "acieeeeeed" scream?). Artists such as Primal Scream, Leftfield and the entire Techno Rave scene were deeply influenced by the sounds coming from Trax Records.

Out July 29 is "Trax Records: Acid Classics"," a compilation of

Trax Records Acid Classics Collection Sounds Modern, Edgy

13 cuts (70+ minutes) from the scene's creators such as Phuture, Maurice Joshua, Adonis, Pierre's Pfantasy Club and more . (Free downloadable bonus tracks available at These tracks have been brilliantly remastered. You'll die when you hear how hard the kick, how modern, how absolutely of-the-moment they sound. Early feedback from some of Europe 's top DJs is insanely enthusiastic. If we don't see these tracks on the Ibiza charts, if we don't hear of them flying off the shelves, if fried fashion editors don't scream about hearing them on the next season catwalks, we'll drop a tab--and go to church! Enjoy!

Quotes about Acid House

Larry Sherman coined the term acid house, I remember when he told, Marshall & the Phuture crew that their music reminded him of stuff he grew up with in the 60's acid era, like The Doors. He said "That's Acid music". We all loved the idea! When I got to tour in Paris , I meet Sebastian from Spiral Tribe, they had been extradited out of the UK because of their huge acid house parties. He asked me to tell him about all of our Chicago inspirational acid trips...when I told him we didn't do drugs he was stunned! He told me that they were always tripping to be like us!

Screamin' Rachael (Trax Records President).

"About This is Acid; what really puzzled us was when we heard the remix was it DIDN'T have any acid in it... how weird." Maurice Joshua (2004 Grammy Award Winner Producer/Remixer).

Acid House was a beginning of a new era in the late 80's but has surged again with a new meaning. P.S. It's back to stay. Gene Hunt (Chicago DJ, producer, House Music icon).

Acid House came at a time when vocal house needed to breathe...something different to excite the crowd! Farley Jackmaster Funk (Chicago House legend).

"Acid house was the beginning of a new revolution in dance music, it has changed my vision of electronic music since the first time I heard it" Tisto (DJ / Remixer - Rated #1 in Mixmag's DJ Top 100 for 2003 and 2004, also the first DJ in the world ever to sell out a stadium event with a solo performance for over 25,000 people. Owner, Black Hole Recordings).

"It has been really difficult for me to pin-point and define how important these Trax tracks are. They were so quickly ripped off and misrepresented by awful 'aciieed' 'banging' style dance music that its easy to forget how deep this music is. So what makes these tracks so important? The fact that this music just came from nowhere and instantly became so relevant, exciting and mysterious (well that's how it seemed to me, coming from a small town in England ) with its mixture of hard European style electronics and deep American funk and soul. But even saying that still misses the point. Its just so raw and real. Real bare bones 'dance' music. And I still get goosebumps after all these years." Tim Goldsworthy (DFA Records, producers of the bands The Rapture ["House of Jealous Lovers"], LCD Sound System ["Losing My Edge"], NYC.)

Various Artists Trax Records: Acid Classics track list:

• Phuture Acid Trax

• Pierre 's Pfantasy Club Dream Girl

• Laurent X Machines

• Jack Frost & The Circle Jerks Shout

• Six Brown Brothers Battery Acid

• Phuture Slam

• Van Christie That Shit's Wild

• Adonis Two The Max

• Pierre 's Pfantasy Club Got The Bug

• Gene Hunt Living In A Land

• Farley Jackmaster Funk The Acid Life

• Mike "Hitman" Wilson Bingo Acid

• Maurice Joshua With Hot Hands Hula This Is Acid

Artist: Various
Album Title: Acid Classics
GENRE: Dance/House
Label: Trax Records

Official Trax Records website:



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