50 Cent

50 Cent - Candy Shop - Single Review

50 Cent
Candy Shop
Released 21 st March 2005

Candy Shop’s tasteless sleeve - 50 Cent, with a narcissistic ‘look at me’ expression all over his Chevy Chase, pouring cream over two bikini clad girls being stirred into a chocolate melting pot, - looks like something produced by the Ali G show innit?

Despite 50 Cent’s hideous style faux pas, his hooks are so infectious he can make money from music easier than stealing

50 Cent - Candy Shop - Single Review

candy from a baby. Candy Shop will doubtless emulate the success of the Massacre album it was first heard on and follow it to #1 in the charts. Already polluting the suburban air blaring from cars turning suburban heads to display disapproving looks, Candy Shop will soon be a street anthem for ghetto fabulous chavs nationwide.

There are several versions on this release from ‘explicit’ to ‘super clean’ but how 50 Cent can invite you to come to the Candy Shop and lick his lolli-pop (he’s not talking Chupa Chups) and still call his record clean is scary.


Alex Mula

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