Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have paid their outstanding tax bill of $1.7 million.

The showbiz matriarch insists she and her rocker husband - who had been accused of failing to pay $718,948.25 for the 2008 tax year, and $1,024,175.03 for 2009 - had no idea they owed any outstanding taxes but she and Ozzy paid the money as soon as they were informed.

She told gossip blogger Perez Hilton: "At 4 p.m. on Friday afternoon I received a phone call from my publicist who had a reporter on the other line informing her that the IRS had just put a lien on one of our properties.

"I then contacted my accountant who said they knew nothing about any lien. The lien has [now] been paid. I do intend to find out how this lien happened without the knowledge of myself or my accountants. I hope none of this reflects negatively on mine and Ozzy's moral character."

This is not the first time the Osbourne family have been accused of owing taxes.

In 2009 papers were filed claiming Sharon had not paid $23,000 due to the state of California for the 2007 tax year.

Meanwhile, last month the couple's 26-year-old TV presenter daughter Kelly was said to owe $34,763.30 to the state of California dating back to 2009.

If found guilty, Kelly - who recently moved into a new apartment in Los Angeles - could face fines or jail time and may have to forfeit assets if she can't raise the money.