It was reported yesterday, in the wake of the Osbourne split rumor, that Sharon Osbourne had moved into a new Beverly Hills mansion, away from her husband Ozzy, just days after being pictured without her wedding band on.

Today, the Black Sabbath frontman confirms their troubles, talking to The Sun. Ozzy admitted: “Sharon’s obsessed with that showbiz lifestyle. But it’s not for me. Leave me out of it. And Sharon’s always introducing me to people I don’t know or want to meet. The reality show was all Sharon’s idea. I never wanted to do all that TV stuff.” The Osbournes followed the whole family in their home, filming all their intimate moments. Looking back, it’s increasingly obvious that Ozzy had no clue what was going on 90% of the time. “I was TV mogul of the day with that show and I became this thing I didn’t really want to be,” he added. “People were recognising me on the streets and it wasn’t right. I once had a man come up to me and say ‘I don’t think you should speak to your wife like that.’ I didn’t know him but he’d seen the show. I can’t stand seeing myself on TV. I never watched a single episode of The Osbournes."

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Even as a global superstar, Ozzy wasn’t ready for the next level of stardom that would come with TV exposure of that scale. “I didn’t understand how powerful TV was. We were mobbed by people wanting to take photos. When they filmed that show there were times I didn’t know anyone in my own house. And there’d be six buses of Japanese tourists outside. It was nuts and not the life I wanted.”