Ozzy Osbourne has been sent 50 boxes of his favourite breakfast cereal.

The 'Bark at the Moon' singer has been a huge fan of honey-coated British breakfast food Sugar Puffs since he was a boy, but they are not available in the US, where he lives most of the time.

He regularly sends boxes over to his Los Angeles home, but this time the cereal's manufacturer has shipped him 50 boxes of a new version, Spooky Puffs, for Halloween.

The special edition of the breakfast treat - symbolised by a fluffy yellow beast known as The Honey Monster - has a toffee apple flavour.

A spokesperson for the brand said: "We made sure he has enough to go around at Halloween," adding he believed Ozzy is "looking forward" to tucking in.

Ozzy is not the only singer with a love for breakfast, as 'Ridin' Solo' hitmaker Jason Derulo has previously revealed he is hopeless in the kitchen and would eat cereal for every meal if he could.

He said: "I like all kinds. Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Golden Grahams, Lucky Charms. Cheerios are boring. So are Cornflakes. I'm like, 'Muuuum, no more Cheerios or Cornflakes.' I like the fun cereals."

He also said his dream date would involve taking a girl for his favourite meal on the beach.

Jason added: "My dream date would be breakfast on the beach, feeding off each other's energy."