British rocker Ozzy Osbourne's plans to renovate a barn on his English estate have been put on hold to protect a colony of bats.

The Black Sabbath star, who famously bit the head off a bat during a concert, had hoped to turn the historic barn on his estate in Buckinghamshire, England into a two-bedroom house.

However, planning permission for the renovations has stalled after bats were discovered on the site. British law protects their natural habitat from being destroyed.

A source tells, "The irony isn't lost on Ozzy that karma has finally caught up with him. The bats' natural habitat is prevented from being damaged by law. The survey stated that any work to convert the barn would affect the bats, so it could take years for Ozzy's plans to be approved."

Robert Allen, a planning official for the area, says, "Bats could put the kibosh on the development or mean a lot of work in terms of mitigation measures. The creatures are not out of the ordinary in this area but any developments have to take them into account."

Osbourne's estate was hit by trouble earlier this year (14) when flooding in the region caused $480,000 (£300,000) worth of damage to their mansion.