Ozzy Osbourne is "living on borrowed time".

The heavy metal singer - who played with Black Sabbath and had a successful solo career in the 80s - believes after decades of substance abuse, casual sex and drinking he's lucky to be alive and wouldn't recommend his actions to anyone else.

He said: "With the drugs, it nearly killed me on a daily basis - I did a lot of heavy drug taking for a long time and I survived it by the grace of God.

"You might not be as lucky as me - I'm living on borrowed time.

"With the sexually transmitted diseases, what I was doing is playing Russian roulette with sex."

Ozzy, 61, also spoke about how he now realises he has the ability to affect people's lives and the choices they make.

He added to US news channel CNN: "When you're on the inside looking, you don't see it that way, but I suppose you're right. I do have the power to change people's lives."

The 'Changes' rocker also blasted stars created by the reality TV industry, saying they have less chance of a long lasting career, because of how fickle the music industry is now.

He said: "It's completely different - they're manufactured people now. They're like ice cream. When the flavour runs out they move on."