Hellraiser Ozzy Osbourne became hooked on cocaine the moment he first tried it - because he thought he'd found the meaning of life.
The Black Sabbath frontman endured a long battle with drink and drugs after his rock 'n' roll lifestyle turned into a nightmare world of addiction.
He admits he would buy "kilos" of heroin and coke at a time - but insists the most addictive drug he's ever tried is tobacco.
The Paranoid hitmaker tells British newspaper the Daily Telegraph, "The first time I tried cocaine, I remember thinking, 'I've found the meaning of life!' But then I loved morphine and everything else too. At my worst, I was buying kilos of the stuff every week.
"That said, by far the most addictive thing I've ever put in my body is tobacco. By the end, I was chewing the gum, smoking the fake cigarettes, wearing the patches, and smoking 20 a day. I tried cigars but within a week I was smoking 30 Cohibas a day, and inhaling. Now I don't do anything any more. I got bored of always being f**ked up on something or other."
The rocker also admits earning millions from his records fuelled his demons: "I could get drunk morning, noon, and night, and nobody would care. There isn't another job in the world where you can turn up p**sed as a wheel and not get fired."