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Osbourne Likens Bat To Burger

15th October 2008

Hellraiser OZZY OSBOURNE has recalled his famous bat-biting incident - and likens the taste to a fast food burger. The rocker notoriously grabbed a bat and chewed its head off during a concert in Iowa...

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Union Warns Writers Not Work On Osbournes Show

9th October 2008

OZZY OSBOURNE and his family are at the centre of a work and pay battle between a production company and the Writers Guild of America (WGA). The WGA has warned its members to ignore any...

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Osbourne Learnt About Sex On Tour

30th September 2008

KELLY OSBOURNE was given sex education lessons while on tour with her rocker father OZZY - because organisers handed out free condoms to everyone backstage. The 23-year-old spent a lot of time on the road...

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Brave Osbourne Catches Mugger

28th September 2008

OZZY OSBOURNE's son JACK has been hailed a hero after catching a thief who had attempted to steal a woman's handbag. The reality TV star was walking along London's Marylebone High Street on Saturday (27Sep08)...

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Osbourne To Star In 'Dark' Documentary

15th September 2008

Veteran rocker OZZY OSBOURNE will confront his "personal demons" thanks to his son JACK, who is producing a new documentary about the star. The former Black Sabbath frontman became a reality TV fixture with his...

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Fascinating Fact 5938

7th September 2008

STING has joined fellow rockers OZZY OSBOURNE and JIMI HENDRIX as guitar playing characters in new video game GUITAR HERO WORLD TOUR. The former POLICE frontman performed DEMOLITION MAN during a motion-capture studio session, so...

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Ozzy Set For Fight Night

26th August 2008

OZZY OSBOURNE has signed on to perform at mixed martial arts spectacular Day of Reckoning in Las Vegas in October (08). The rocker was lured to the event by U.S. tycoon Donald Trump, who is...

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Osbourne Plans To Revamp Dad Ozzy's Image

26th August 2008

JACK OSBOURNE is to repair the damage he thinks reality show THE OSBOURNES did to his father OZZY's image by shooting a documentary all about the rocker. The youngest Osbourne offspring reveals he started his...

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Osbourne To Star In Guitar Hero

8th August 2008

OZZY OSBOURNE has become the latest rocker to appear in video game GUITAR HERO - despite not knowing how to use a computer. The former Black Sabbath frontman and guitarist Zakk Wylde will appear in...

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Jeremy Clarkson The Man That Men Love Most

6th August 2008

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been named the man British men admire most in a new poll.The presenter and journalist was the clear winner in a poll carried out by XXX Mints while Cockney...

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Heaven And Hell To Record New Album

28th July 2008

Heaven And Hell have said they are almost ready to begin recording a new album – their first since 1992’s DEHUMANIZER.The band is essentially the remaining members of BLACK SABBATH, but with Ronnie James Dio...

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Osbourne To Be Honoured At Rock Awards

23rd July 2008

Legendary rocker OZZY OSBOURNE will be presented with the Living Legend award at this year's (08) Classic Rock Roll of Honour awards. The former Black Sabbath frontman was confirmed as the winner of the award...

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Mcfly Star Jones' Bizarre Osbournes Encounter

17th July 2008

MCFLY star DANNY JONES backed out of a fling with KELLY OSBOURNE - after meeting her hell-raising dad OZZY in his underpants. The pop singer went back to the family's home in Buckinghamshire, England, after...

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Mcfly Star's Briefs Encounter With Ozzy

16th July 2008

McFLY star DANNY JONES has claimed that a brush with OZZY OSBOURNE ruined his chances of a romance with the ageing rocker's daughter KELLY OSBOURNE.Jones told the Mirror that he and Kelly met up in...

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Ozzy And Slash To Feature With Alice

5th June 2008

Ozzy Osbourne and Slash have recorded guest appearances on Alice Cooper's forthcoming album ALONG CAME A SPIDER.The songs will be told through the voice of a serial killer named Spider, who Alice describes as "an...

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Osbourne Wins Damages From U.k. Tabloid

5th June 2008

Rocker OZZY OSBOURNE has accepted libel damages from a British tabloid newspaper after it made scathing remarks over his appearance at this year's (08) Brit Awards. Journalists at newspaper the Daily Star claimed the Black...

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Libel Damages For Ozzy Osbourne After Health Slur

5th June 2008

Ozzy Osbourne has been awarded libel damages after the Daily Star newspaper claimed he had suffered health problems prior to this year's Brit awards.The Black Sabbath frontman was awarded an undisclosed sum after the tabloid...

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Motley Crue Announce Cruefest Plans

16th April 2008

Reformed rockers MOTLEY CRUE are following in OZZY OSBOURNE's footsteps by launching their own touring hard-rock festival. CrueFest will kick off in West Palm Beach, Florida on 1 July (08) and tour throughout 41 cities...

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Simmons Fields Sharon Osbourne's 'Silly Wig' Comment

2nd April 2008

KISS star GENE SIMMONS has refused to enter into a war of words with SHARON OSBOURNE after the rock matriarch called him "a silly man in a silly wig," insisting he loves OZZY's bride. Osbourne...

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Ozzy Gives Up On Sabbath Reunion Tour

18th March 2008

OZZY OSBOURNE has given up making plans for a BLACK SABBATH 40th anniversary tour - because his bandmates cannot make their minds up. The rocker first heard there was a big tour planned and the...

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The Things They Say 7538

8th March 2008

"The one that comes to mind was a concept of the OSBOURNES and the OSMONDS in the same house. It didn't get very far, but I probably would have done it." DONNY OSMOND recalls a...

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Osbourne Addicted To Sugar Puffs

28th February 2008

Rocker OZZY OSBOURNE has developed an addiction to British breakfast cereal Sugar Puffs - so much so, he has the snack shipped out to his home in Los Angeles. The Black Sabbath star is reported...

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The Things They Say 7282

21st February 2008

"I love the house. We moved in there this past week... You feel you can see the trees go so high, you feel so secluded and it just feels like a vacation spot almost." CHRISTINA...

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'Mccartney To Remember Linda And John At His Brits Performance'

20th February 2008

BEATLES star PAUL MCCARTNEY will perform an emotional tribute to his late wife LINDA MCCARTNEY when he receives his Lifetime Achievement Award at tonight's Brit Awards.A report in the Daily Mail claims that the musical...

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The Things They Say 7243

19th February 2008

"For my wife to like him, he has got to be gay." OZZY OSBOURNE questions GRACE KELLY hitmaker MIKA's sexuality.

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The Things They Say 7236

19th February 2008

"Oh, I know AMY WINEHOUSE. It is sad because that road that she is on is very, very sad. It took me a long time to get rid of my demons. Everyone takes this thing...

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Ozzy Nervous About Brit Awards Duty

18th February 2008

Ageing rocker OZZY OSBOURNE will be putting his memory to the test when he presents Wednesday's Brit Awards (20Feb08) - because he is terrible at remembering people's names. The 59-year-old admits his heavy drug use...

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Mccartney Snubs Osbourne Duet At Brits

16th February 2008

LATEST: SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY has disappointed pal OZZY OSBOURNE by declining an opportunity to duet with the rocker at the 2008 Brit Awards. The former Black Sabbath singer - who will co-host the ceremony with...

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Osbourne Offers Winehouse Post-rehab Sanctuary

8th February 2008

OZZY OSBOURNE's daughter KELLY has invited troubled pal AMY WINEHOUSE to live with rock's first family at their Buckinghamshire, England mansion when she completes rehab. Osbourne wants Winehouse to move into the guest cottage on...

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Osbourne + Korn Team Up For Mexican Dates?

28th January 2008

OZZY OSBOURNE and KORN are to team up for a one-off Ozzfest show in Mexico, according to local reports. The two acts will be joined by Black Label Society for the 8 April (08) concert...

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