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Worried Rocker Ozzy Osbourne

1st October 2009

Ozzy Osbourne can't stop worrying.The Black Sabbath rocker - who has three children with wife Sharon Osbourne and three from his previous marriage - is constantly searching for something to be concerned about and feels...

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Kelly Osbourne Shows Girly Side

30th September 2009

Kelly Osbourne hid her girly side to please her rock star father. The 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant - daughter of former Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne - claims appearing on the talent show has...

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Ozzy Hits The Road After Passing Driving Test

26th September 2009

OZZY OSBOURNE has passed his driving test.The former Black Sabbath rocker took to his account to tell fans the happy news on Thursday night (24Sep09). He 'tweeted', "I just passed my driving test. Took...

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Ozzy Lands Legend Of Live Honour

17th September 2009

OZZY OSBOURNE is to receive the Legend of Live honour at the upcoming Billboard Touring Awards.The rocker will be presented with the accolade at the event in New York on 5 November (09). The award,...

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Osbourne Trapped In Truck On Tv Show

16th September 2009

SHARON OSBOURNE brought back chilling memories of her husband OZZY's brush with death when she found herself trapped upside down in a truck.The rock matriarch agreed to conquer her nerves and take part in her...

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Osbourne Lands His Own Hollywood Day

12th September 2009

OZZY OSBOURNE has been given his own day in Hollywood.The rocker opened the Sunset Strip Music Festival in West Hollywood with a tribute show on Thursday (10Sep09) and was joined by Slipknot's Corey Taylor, Billy...

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Osbourne's Chimp Ad Pulled Over Ape Abuse

11th September 2009

OZZY OSBOURNE's new Samsung smartphone commercial has been pulled from TV screens in the U.S. over allegations it features ape abuse.Animal rights activists at People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) lobbied to get...

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Osbourne Blames Dad For Drug Addiction

9th September 2009

KELLY OSBOURNE has blamed her rocker father OZZY for her drug problems - because "addiction is in your genes".The 24 year old has long struggled with prescription painkillers and her habit landed her several stints...

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Dna-ddict Kelly Osbourne

9th September 2009

Kelly Osbourne has blamed her DNA for her addiction.The presenter - whose father, rocker Ozzy Osbourne, has had a long-running battle with drugs and alcohol - believes her dependence on prescription drugs is something hardwired...

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Osbourne: 'I'll Never Marry'

8th September 2009

OZZY OSBOURNE's son JACK has vowed never to wed - because he's convinced he will end up divorced.Osbourne has previously dated Rod Stewart's daughter Kimberly but has shied away from serious relationships in recent years,...

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Osbourne's School Torment

8th September 2009

OZZY OSBOURNE's son JACK was brutally bullied at school because of his famous father.The reality TV star, 23, admits it took him many years to realise his dad was an internationally renowned rock star -...

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Kelly Osbourne's Marriage Makeover

6th September 2009

Kelly Osbourne won't marry until her hair is long.The 24-year-old star, who is engaged to model Luke Worrall, recently dyed her locks blonde, and has revealed her makeover is part of a promise she made...

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The Things They Say 13361

5th September 2009

"Sharon's got it down to a fine art. Her favourite place to shop is the nearest store. She'll shop in a coal yard. She'll be in front of 50 white shirts and she has to...

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The Things They Say 13357

5th September 2009

"I just saw Quentin Tarantino's latest film, Inglourious Basterds, with Brad Pitt... I don't think it was as good as Pulp Fiction. That was amazing. But this latest one was hard to follow for a...

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Osbourne Tempted By Booze

3rd September 2009

OZZY OSBOURNE's son JACK fights a daily battle to keep off alcohol - because he's convinced one drink will send him spiralling back into addiction.The Adrenaline Junkie star checked into rehab to address his problems...

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Ozzy To Headline Tribute Festival In Los Angeles

1st September 2009

OZZY OSBOURNE is to headline a three-night Los Angeles street festival in his honour and return to the fabled Sunset Strip for the first time in almost 40 years.The Strip will be closed for the...

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Osbourne's Embarrassing Childhood

28th August 2009

KELLY OSBOURNE constantly cringed as she was growing up - because her rock star dad OZZY embarrassed her in front of friends.The reality TV star is the envy of pals who insist it must be...

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Ozzy Osbourne's Thong Fury

28th August 2009

Ozzy Osbourne cut off his daughter's underwear while her friends watched.Kelly Osbourne was left mortified as a teenager when the Black Sabbath rocker objected to the skimpy thong her mother Sharon had bought her and...

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Osbourne's Suicide Threat Over Mum's Cancer

27th August 2009

OZZY OSBOURNE's daughter KELLY vowed to kill herself if her mother SHARON lost her battle with cancer - because she couldn't bear to live without the family matriarch.Sharon was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2002...

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Osbourne's Drug Hell

27th August 2009

OZZY OSBOURNE's daughter KELLY has opened up about the full horror of her drug addiction which left her popping up to 50 pills a day and going weeks without washing.The singer/TV star let her addiction...

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Wylde Hospitalised With Blood Clot

24th August 2009

Longtime OZZY OSBOURNE guitarist ZAKK WYLDE is recovering after a medical emergency to remove a blood clot.The Black Label Society rocker was taken to hospital after a concert in Montana on 19 August (09). Wylde...

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Fascinating Fact 7825

12th August 2009

All-star supergroup CAMP FREDDY added to their impressive line-up at a Los Angeles concert on 1 August (09) when OZZY OSBOURNE, ACE FREHLEY, THE CULT's BILLY DUFFY and LOST actor NAVEEN ANDREWS joined DAVE NAVARRO,...

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Sharon Osbourne's 'Fat' Fame

5th August 2009

Sharon Osbourne believes she is successful because she is "short, fat and hairy".The TV star - who began her career as a rock manager - worked a lot harder to have a thriving career because...

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Ozzy: The Autobiography

22nd July 2009

OZZY OSBOURNE is sharing his wild rock life with the world - he's writing an autobiography.The former Black Sabbath star-turned-reality TV personality promises the memoir will be packed with astonishing tales of excess. In a...

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Wylde Resolves Differences With Osbourne

15th July 2009

OZZY OSBOURNE's longtime guitarist ZAKK WYLDE has played down rumours of a rift with the Prince of Darkness, insisting everything is fine between the pair.The former Black Sabbath frontman is working on a new solo...

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Osbourne Snubs Guitarist Of 22 Years On New Album

14th July 2009

OZZY OSBOURNE is parting ways with his longtime guitarist ZAKK WYLDE after 22 years - without telling the session musician.Wylde, who joined Osbourne's band in 1987, recently confirmed he was working with the Prince of...

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Ozzy Osbourne's Dog Eaten

9th July 2009

Ozzy Osbourne's dog has been killed and eaten by a coyote.The 60-year-old rocker is "devastated" his beloved pet - a Pomeranian named Little Bit - was attacked by the wild animal at their Los Angeles...

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Osbourne Heartbroken Over Dog Death

8th July 2009

Veteran rocker OZZY OSBOURNE has been left devastated after his beloved pet dog was killed by a coyote in Los Angeles.The Black Sabbath star and his wife Sharon adopted pooch Little Bit after she was...

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Stars Come Out For Slash

4th July 2009

The stars came out for SLASH as the rocker headlined Norway's Quart Festival on Tuesday (30Jun09) - OZZY OSBOURNE and RON WOOD joined him onstage.The Velvet Revolver and ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist was also joined...

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The Things They Say 12691

24th June 2009

"Probably JAY-Z, because at least I would be married to BEYONCE!" Rock legend OZZY OSBOURNE wants to be reincarnated as the rap superstar.

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