Professor Brian Cox has been named as one of the least stylish celebrities of the year in a recent list released by men's' mag, GQ. The physicist and BBC presenter of such programmes as Wonders of the Solar System probably won't be bothered about such a nomination but it seems that his penchant for parka jackets and Berghaus technical clothing has seen the prof score low for style instinct.

Professor Brian Cox
What's Not To Like About Brian Cox's Style?

However, it seems that a few well-cut tuxes and neat bowties have saved the scientist from the shame of being GQ's worst dressed man. That particular accolade went to designer Ozwald Boateng who ironically had previously instructed GQ how the modern man can achieve style.

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The 46 year-old said: "The shoulder line is key on a bespoke suit. Once you have a strong understanding of that, the rest flows from there."

Professor Brian Cox Berghaus Jacket
Ah, We Get It Now.

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