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There are 6 million Tibetans and countless other nationalities that have great respect for the Dalai Lama. Who is Mr. Owen Wilson? Just another dumb blond American actor. I do think that he has the right to his opinion. Some of his movies are good but funny thing is that the most of the roles that he has played is actually a role of dumb American blonds. Maybe in person he is just like the guy in his movies.Only different between him and us who watch what we say is that he may have lot of money. Maybe he can buy respect with his money.DorjeeTibetan

Posted 10 years 2 months ago by tse66

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Owen Wilson is entitled to his opinions - no matter how stupid or moronic they may be. To say the Dalai Lama is "corny" and has "goofball ideas" is truly sad. I don't think peace, compassion, sharing, and friendliness are corny or goofball. I think His Holiness is a wise and caring person who gives of himself and reaches out to help bring people together by thinking and helping others to think of others. Shame on you Mr. Wilson and your vile and selfish ways. By the way, if you want a definition of "corny", watch your own movies and study your own acting.

Posted 10 years 2 months ago by Eddie_Flapjack

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