Owen Wilson is not a tech-savvy guy, though you wouldn’t know it from his latest role in The Internship, opposite Vince Vaughn. The movie tells the story of two failed salesmen, who manage to get a second chance at a career with internships at google. On the occasion, Wilson sat down with the Metro to talk about the role of a Google intern, his own experience with technology and his thoughts on second chances.

Owen Wilson, The Internship LA Premiere
Wilson attended the LA premiere of the film this week.

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Apparently, despite his fictional Google internship, Wilson is not all that experience with technology and, in fact, prefers to stick to the familiar. In the interview, he commented: “I still use a BlackBerry, and people act like that makes you a dinosaur but I remember when a BlackBerry was cutting-edge technology. Time marches on, doesn’t it? I’d like to become more tech-savvy, though. I want to be relevant.”

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However, with the exception of the gaps in his tech knowledge, Wilson feels he’s been pretty lucky in his choice of career. Speaking about The Internship’s premise – two middle-aged men, who get to start over in the tech world, Wilson expressed relief that that doesn’t have to be him: “Not many people get to do one thing and then start something a little bit later in life and are successful or fulfilled by it. I managed to do OK at acting. I have been pretty lucky. I have fun doing what I do.”

Well, good for Mr Wilson. If you feel like seeing those aforementioned acting skills in action, the film is due to hit theatres in just three days, on July 7th.

Vince Vaughn, The Internship Premiere
Wilson teamed with Vince Vaughn for this one.