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Berry Plays With Rem Again

REM Michael Stipe Mike Mills Out of Time

Ex-REM drummer BILL BERRY played with his former band for the second time in a year over the weekend (01/02APR06). Berry took the stage alongside Michael Stipe, PETER BUCK and Mike Mills, following a performance by Buck's side-project band THE MINUS 5 at the Georgia Theater in REM's Athens, Georgia hometown. The band then performed COUNTRY FEEDBACK, a track from their 1991 album Out of Time. Berry, who quit REM in 1997, played bass as the song contains no drumming. Last October (05), Berry also reunited the original REM line-up for a seven song set at the wedding of the band's longtime guitar technician DEWITT BURTON.

Lathan Slams Washington Rumours

Sanaa Lathan Denzel Washington Out of Time

American actress Sanaa Lathan has hit out at rumours she had an affair with Denzel Washington after they co-starred in the movie Out of Time.

The pair play onscreen lovers in the 2003 film, but Lathan is angered by claims their relationship is threatening Washington's 22-year marriage to wife PAULETTE.

She tells the New York Daily News, "It got started because in the movie, I had a love scene with Denzel.

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Washington's Theatre Dreams

Denzel Washington Out of Time William Shakespeare

Denzel Washington is delighted he's putting his film career on hold to star in the Broadway, New York, production of JULIUS CAESAR, because he's desperate to earn a smaller salary.

Washington recently complained he was ravaged by guilt when he picked up a $20 million (GBP11 million) pay check for starring in the movie Out of Time, insisting no person is worth that much money.

But now he's signed up to portray BRUTUS in the William Shakespeare play he's able to mentally travel back to a time when working for modest money on the legendary theatre strip was his ultimate ambition.

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Rem Star's Confusion After Plane Arrest

REM Out of Time

REM's guitarist PETER BUCK only "figured" out he was in a British prison cell when he woke up from his drunken stupor and asked a policeman guarding his door.

The Out of Time musician can't recall the events leading to his arrest for alleged assault on a British Airways flight from Seattle to London on 21 April 2001 - and was baffled to wake up in a "white room".

He says, "The weird thing was, I was sitting bolt upright. You'd think I 'd have lied down, but I was sitting up and I opened my eyes and I was in this white room and my whole body was sore.

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Disney And Shyamalan Face Plagiarism Lawsuit

M. Night Shyamalan The Village Joaquin Phoenix Sigourney Weaver Adrien Brody Out of Time

Writer-director M Night Shyamalan and THE WALT DISNEY CO are bracing themselves for legal action, after a children's author declared similarities between her book and new movie The Village.

The Village, the latest thriller by Shyamalan, stars Joaquin Phoenix, Sigourney Weaver and Adrien Brody and has proved to be a hit at the American office.

But now that much-needed success - Disney has endured a string of flops this year (04) - has been marred by publisher SIMON + SCHUSTER INC's announcement it is reviewing its legal options against the company and Shyamalan.

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Mendes's Washington Teasing

Training Day Stuck On You Matt Damon Out of Time

Movie beauty EVA MENDES spent much of her time on the set of Training Day teasing older on-screen love interest DENZEL WASHINGTON - much to the OSCAR winner's displeasure.

The sexy actress - who has been linked to Stuck On You co-star Matt Damon - played Washington's girlfriend in the 2001 cop thriller despite being, at 29, 19 years his junior.

And the notable age difference gave the 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS star lots of ammunition for her on-set humour.

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Jack Black's School Of Rock Tops American Box Office

Jack Black The School of Rock Out of Time Dwayne Johnson Under The Tuscan Sun Wonderland Val Kilmer

Jack Black's new movie The School of Rock has earned top grades at the American box office this weekend (03-05OCT03), landing at number one with a $20.2 million (GBP12.6 million) debut.

Black, a relative newcomer to lead roles, edged established star DENZEL WASHINGTON, whose film Out of Time debuted at second place with $17 million (GBP10.6 million) - even though School of Rock opened in fewer theatres. Playing in 2,614 cinemas, School of Rock averaged $7,728 (GBP4,830) per theatre, compared to a $5,527 (GBP3,453) average in 3,076 film houses for Out of Time.

PAUL DERGARABEDIAN, president of box-office tracker EXHIBITOR RELATIONS, says, "I think it has more to do with the subject matter than the stars. School of Rock has a younger, school-age appeal. Black's like a big kid, like an ADAM SANDLER-type persona. Irreverent, funny, bucks the establishment. That brings in younger audiences."

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Eva Mendes - Tough And Sexy

Eva Mendes Out of Time Once Upon A Time In Mexico Denzel Washington Colin Farrell

Latina actress Eva Mendes loved her role in new movie Out of Time because she got to be glamorous and powerful at the same time.

The Once Upon A Time In Mexico beauty stars opposite Denzel Washington in the thriller, playing a smart Florida detective who attempts to solve a complex double murder.

Eva had thought the role would require her to lose her sex appeal, but after getting to know some real women officers she realised her preconceptions were all wrong.

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Denzel Washington Is A Perfectionist

Sanaa Lathan Out of Time

Beautiful actress Sanaa Lathan has branded her Out of Time co-star DENZEL WASHINGTON a perfectionist - because he spent much of his time on set re-working the script.

Lathan stars alongside Washington in the upcoming movie, and was in ore of the actor's relentless efforts to make sure every scene was executed to perfection.

She gushes, "He's truly a master of his craft.

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Blur Go Out Of This World

Blur Alex James Out of Time

Sexy Blur heart-throb Alex James is throwing away his bass guitar in favour of a pair of thick-rimmed spectacles.

The handsome Out of Time performer will be making a guest appearance as a science presenter on a show called LIFE ON MARS on Britain's THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL.

The programme considers the evidence that suggests there is life on other planets, with the hard-drinking musician grilling DR COLLIN PHILINGER about his views on extra-terrestrial beings.

25/06/2003 14:07
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