Out Of Embers - The Gassienda Keighley Live Review

Review of Out Of Embers live at The Gassienda, Keighley on Friday December 19, 2008.

Out Of Embers

Having impressed and come to attention while supporting My Vitriol, Out Of Embers are now headlining a Christmas show in Keighley, West Yorkshire. Whilst not known as a hotbed of music, the gig in what is affectively a pub allows the quartet to showcase their ability when top of a bill.

Kicking off with the raucous anthem 'Mesmerise', Out Of Embers set a high standard for a set spanning 11 tracks, many of which have the sparse crowd tapping along and in one case dancing. Take your pick from 'Freak Show', 'Kamino' and 'Breaking Her' amongst others; the result is a dynamic and enthralling song that comprises of killer hooks and riffs that could have come out of AC/DC's catalogue. The venue's sound system isn't the clearest, but those listening intently find tales that are brutally honest and personal - 'Just Once More' for example sees Stevie Shepperson shaming a selfish partner over a soundtrack of infectious crunching chords. Not content with one commanding singer, 'Back To Bed' features Kat Upton taking main vocal duties impressively, whilst throwing the sort of guitar poses that have made Matt Bellamy of Muse such an engaging live prospect. The rest of the band also plays with great energy; bassist Lozzy Bennett rocks out and swings her head akin to a shampoo advert while Chelsea Bishop smashes the drum kit in a manner that defies her frame. Shepperson also proves herself to be far from timid, encouraging what starts as a reluctant crowd to move forward and enjoy themselves. By the time Out Of Embers have thrashed through 'Fresh Meat', the audience have most definitely had a good time and witnessed a performance which belittles the fact that this is a band only formed in the last 12 months and very much in its infancy. With a touch of luck and any sort of justice, these ladies will very much be an act to look out for in 2009 and beyond.

Alex Lai

Official Site - http://www.outofembers.com