Review of Lost Sailor EP by Our Broken Garden

Review of Lost Sailor EP by Our Broken Garden

Our Broken Garden Lost Sailor EP

Recently signed to the Bella Union label, Our Broken Garden - aka, Danish singer/songwriter and Efterklang-er Anna Broensted and her cohorts - are steeped in the kind of down tempo rhapsody which ran through Husky Rescue's disconcertingly graceful Caravan.

Their debut EP, Lost Sailor is at worst a frustratingly rudderless exercise in non-specifity, it's pastoral vignettes carrying the substance of hay, but at it's apex - opener The Blinding (Not you'll be unsurprised to learn a Babyshambles cover) it manages to conjure both a sense of timeless antiquity and plaintive organic beauty. Without a doubt, this is music for people who have an aversion to lairy monobrowed ASBO messiahs, being adult in the sense that it requires an attention span beyond the disposability of our modern music for our modern times.

If Broensted never quite manages to conjure up Hope Sandoval's sense of bucolic fragility or the musical backing falls short of Sigur Ros' genius ethereal meanderings, there is still plenty here for those with a less ritually hedonistic take on life to savour.

Andy Peterson

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