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No Tomorrow
Single Review

Orson No Tomorrow Single

Named after Hollywood legend Orson Welles, Texan Jason Pebworth formed this quintet in 2000, having spent years in various theatre productions. He describes the band's sound as, "guitar rock but we have that rump-shaking quality… It's great to see people dancing at a rock and roll show." The album "Bright Idea" is due to be released in the UK in May.

Pebworth's description of his band is spot-on. Driven by a hypnotic riff, "No Tomorrow" is sprinkled with electronic effects and has an arms-in-the-air chorus. It's a wonderful hybrid of rock and dance, and is only complimented by lyrics detailing a night at a rave. The band name may be questionable but the music is not – yes it is blatantly commercial, but also undeniably brilliant.
Orson have the potential to become huge – it's the first great single of the year.

Alex Lai

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