Orbital have announced they are to split after 25 years performing together. The dance duo has been a mainstay on the festival circuit, both domestically and internationally, but will call it a day to pursue other projects.

Paul HartnollPaul Hartnoll will release his new solo album 8.58, and recently worked on the Peaky Blinders soundtrack

In a press release announcing his new solo album, Paul Hartnoll said: "Orbital had stopped working properly. We had a great four years since getting back together in 2008, but it was time to move on."

The band previously split in 2004, release the Blue Album as a farewell gift to fans efore performing in 2009 for a series of 20th anniversary shows and a new album, Wonky.

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More recently, they performed at the 2012 Paralympics opening ceremony and were joined by Doctor Who actor Matt Smith for a rendition of the show's theme, at Glastonbury. 

"We've had our ups and downs, and it's not always been easy, but I've loved my time with Orbital," Paul said in a further statement on Orbital's website. "It was particularly nice to get such a lovely reception when we got back together a few years ago ... But nothing lasts forever and it's time to stop."

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Paul will release new solo album, 8.58, and recently composed the soundtrack for the BBC's drama Peaky Blinders. Meanwhile Phil will focus on his DJ career. 

Orbital originally formed in 1989 with their classic debut track Chime - a favourite of the rave generation. The duo's signature sound proved hugely successful and crossed over to the mainstream, especially with acts like the Chemical Brothers.